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The singularity of the creations and of the boutique reflects the fascinating journey of jeweler Lorenz Bäumer. Precious stones, gold and various materials, as well as their physical properties hold no secrets for this exceptional designer who enjoys shaking up certain jewelry codes and introducing certain exclusive techniques such as reverse setting, titanium olfactory, or the meteorite.

This jeweler, always ready to embark on a new creative and revolutionary adventure, is also particularly attached to this heritage of Place Vendôme, and highlights the various skills.

The Maison Bäumer

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Place Vendome

Place Vendôme in Jewelry

In Paris, Place Vendôme is a mythical and unmissable place for fine jewelry. A symbol of French luxury and refinement, it is also one of the main sources of inspiration for jeweler Lorenz Bäumer, who established his boutique at 19 place Vendôme in Paris, formerly the Hôtel d'Evreux. The Vendôme column, which can be seen from the store, is a common thread in the brand's identity. The jeweler Lorenz Bäumer brings together in his shop all his passions: Place Vendôme, the world of jewelry and watchmaking, the art of French Haute-Jewellery as well as exceptional stones and materials.

A jewelry boutique at Place Vendôme

At the heart of the Hôtel d'Evreux is therefore a boutique, a cabin, a designer, a universe and exceptional pieces. Art and creativity are given pride of place. By pushing the door of this extraordinary boutique, you will enter the unique universe of jeweler Lorenz Bäumer, one of the greatest jewelers of our century. Works of art, precious stones and fine jewelry creations combine perfectly in our salon, and constitute a unique place in Place Vendôme.

Behind each stone, diamond or creation hides a new and unique story. Rings, watches, necklaces and other jewelry embody the latter and transmit special emotions...

An exceptional jewelry

Like a secret and personal setting, Maison Bäumer's jewelery is distinguished by its different spaces, all with singular details specific to the world of Lorenz Bäumer.
Created as a secret and intimate place, the Cabane du Créateur sits majestically in the boutique. Demonstrating Lorenz Bäumer's love for jewelry, it is in this unique place, in his haven of peace, that the designer invents, thinks and designs his future jewelry. It is also here, in the heart of Paris, that tailor-made creations are born, the creation process of which is done hand in hand with the client, who thus sees his wildest creative dreams come true.
Thus, on a place as exceptional as Place Vendôme hides a very special House, a House where a passionate jeweler weaves strong ties with each of its customers and which never ceases to redouble its creativity to inspire every day the visitors to this emblematic Place Vendôme in Paris.

Experience strong emotions at the heart of fine jewelry and discover, perhaps for the first time, the secrets of French know-how.

Discover the creations of this place Vendôme jeweler

Diamond, Rubies, sapphires, colored diamonds, peridot, garnet, aquamarine or amethysts are the means of expression of the jeweler's creativity which go perfectly with our necklaces, rings, watches, bracelets and pendants from our various collections. For exceptional and meaningful jewelry, the jeweler draws from the most beautiful things the Earth has to offer. He studies, selects, admires and respects these unique materials and offers customers a concentrate of preciousness, singularity and delicacy. He makes his fine jewelry and watchmaking creations the quintessence of Parisian luxury and a must in Place Vendôme. The precious stone or the diamond which will adorn each creation will make it possible to write a new story.

Opposite the Column, the boutique at 19 place Vendôme in Paris is open to all lovers of art, fine jewelry, luxury and traditional French know-how, and to all those curious, intrigued and amused by this universe. original and unusual and who wish to share an exceptional moment of sharing with the only independent jeweler in Place Vendôme. Dare to open the doors of our boutique to discover each of our collections and visit our salon with its unique and unmissable style.

Live the mythical experience of made-to-measure

Jewelry is an art capable of transcribing your feelings and likely to make you experience strong emotions. At the Hôtel d'Evreux, opposite the Vendôme Column, enter the unique world of fine jewelry and watchmaking, write a new story by experiencing the making of a bespoke piece of jewelry and appreciate the power of jewelry. Whether you want a necklace, a bracelet, a pendant, a pair of earrings or a ring, Maison Bäumer would be delighted to accompany you in your tailor-made adventure and put its exceptional French know-how to work. your disposal to make the jewel of your dreams. Let yourself be surprised by the undisputed talent of one of the greatest jewelers of our century, Lorenz Bäumer, who will enjoy making your wildest dreams come true.

When making a tailor-made jewel, you give life to your desires to realize the idea of ​​the century. For a first experience, Maison Bäumer is dedicated to helping you create the piece that meets your expectations. Give way to your imagination in our living room at 19 Place Vendôme and alongside our creator who will submit his unique ideas to you. Start by imagining the style of jewelry that inspires you, drawing inspiration from a collection from our House or simply following your desires. Watches, necklaces, pendants, bracelets or rings are welcome. Pink gold and white gold will be offered to you to make the alloy that will go perfectly with the style of jewelry you want. You can also choose the stone or stones you want to appear on your custom-made jewel: diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and other precious stones will be welcome for the creation of your dreams. Dare even to experience tailor-made for special occasions in order to live unforgettable memories by making your engagement ring or alliance tailor-made by choosing the diamond or diamonds you want to adorn it, a new creation, unique and singular whose story will not be told anywhere else.

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