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white gold rings

Find the white gold rings from Maison Bäumer Vendôme. This modern and elegant color enhances the stones it presents.

white gold rings

Gold is a noble metal, mainly used in the Maison's creations. The white gold rings are masterpieces of the Maison Bäumer collections. Indeed, whether in pink gold or white gold, they come in different forms and offer different volumes and styles, sometimes very daring.

White gold, a totally democratized and highly appreciated metal color within our House, is close to platinum in its color and opposed to pink gold but just as elegant. A noble metal, gold is the alloy most used in our creations, followed by platinum, especially for wedding rings. If the color of white gold is often associated with the color conferred on modern and delicate jewellery, this gold also makes it possible to give a young, chic and elegant style.

White gold rings: beauty and elegance

White gold is an alloy that has become widely available in jewelry, followed by pink gold. It is an alloy composed of fine gold, pure yellow gold and other metals that will allow it to achieve a white / gray color. This quality metal is regularly set with stones and goes perfectly well with sapphire, diamond or topaz. Maison Bäumer has many models of women's jewelry in white gold such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, wedding bands and others.

White gold is rhodium gold, i.e. it is covered with a thin layer of metal (called "rhodium") to give it a white color and a particular shine. . Thus, an 18k white gold ring is formed from 75% pure yellow gold with 15% gray metal, copper, palladium and other metals to obtain this alloy. This process is called “rhodium plating”. This represents which is the last step in the manufacture of a white gold jewel.

White gold is the most used alloy in jewelry and the most widespread in the world of jewelry and fine jewelry. As this metal of reference for jewellery, white gold is perfectly suited for jewelery worn on a daily basis. Thanks to its high resistance and ability to effectively resist corrosion, it is durable and retains its shine over time. because it is very resistant but also because it resists corrosion particularly well and is durable over time.

In addition, its color makes it timeless and allows it to cross eras and fashions. Now, pink gold is just as sought after because it is highly appreciated by younger generations who find it elegant, fine and shiny.

Photo:Pense à Moi ring in white gold with diamonds (3 carats)

Photo: Heart ring in white gold and diamonds (3 carats)

Photo: White gold wedding ring

The advantages of choosing a white gold ring

White gold is a very advantageous metal for various reasons. Indeed, first of all, it is the strongest metal used in jewelry. It is also easier to work with than platinum because it is less dense.

Also, white gold is stainless and resistant, which gives it a long life and due over time, which allows it to maintain an almost perfect quality for several years. although it is still necessary to think about maintaining and cleaning it. However, it is important to maintain it regularly by cleaning it to maintain its shine.

White gold is easily associated with all stones, whether precious or fine, regardless of their color, while pink or yellow gold set limits. In this sense, white gold is an ideal metal for all types of jewelry, whether for a bracelet, a necklace, earrings or rings and wedding rings. It is also the most chosen metal for wedding rings and engagement and solitaire rings, although pink gold is becoming more and more popular.

Finally, white gold is a reference for both women and men and is easily associated with all styles and all types of outfits due to its finesse and discretion.

Our women's jewelry collections include various models of white gold rings that can be easily matched with necklaces, bracelets or other jewelry to give life to an exceptional set. Because jewelry carries meaning and transmits messages of love, the stones and materials that can set your white gold ring are elements that should not be overlooked to obtain the ring model you want.

Photo: Two-tone heart ring Photo: Morse amour white gold ring

How to choose the perfect white gold ring for you: shape, sizes and styles

The choice of metal and its color are essential elements in choosing the perfect ring, especially if it is intended for an engagement or a wedding. Therefore, white gold remains the preferred choice in terms of remaining the predominantly chosen metal for jewelry. If white gold is the most common choice, rose gold is also a very good option for a more modern and elegant style.

There are different types of rings:

  • The solitaire or the engagement ring: Regarding the shape, there are mainly three models: the classic solitaire, set with a diamond in the center stone, the "accompanied" solitaire which consists of a main central stone and stones set on the side around the ring (often a diamond in the center and a paving of white diamonds) and finally, the "triology", composed of three main stones to represent past, present and future love. These rings, symbolic and just as elegant, will be the preferred models for engagements, especially in white gold. Regarding the stones, there are several elements to take into account such as the 4Cs of a diamond, especially if the latter is the main stone of the ring. The same is true for crimping.
  • The cocktail ring: this voluminous creation often offers a center stone that can range from the basic precious stone (diamond, ruby, emerald or sapphire) to the most original fine stone (peridot, amethyst, citrine, etc.). These rings with imposing volumes are very popular in white gold and go perfectly with any stone.
  • The signet ring: this classic and old ring, best known in yellow gold, can be revisited and offered in white gold to bring a more modern style by pushing back the traditional codes of jewelry.

For diamonds, the size, color, purity and clarity will be elements that you will have to meet to accompany white gold in the best possible way.

You will need to consider the cut, color, purity and clarity of the diamonds to best match them with the white gold of your jewelry. These characteristics play a crucial role in the quality of the stone and how it will pair with white gold. Models of white gold rings and wedding bands for women can be found in each of our Maison's collections.

Photo: Morse Amour ring in white gold set with a 5-carat sapphirePhoto: Platinum wedding band set with a 2-carat yellow diamond

The size of the diamond and the sapphire can vary depending on the stone you want to set on your ring.

If you want to have your white gold ring set with a diamond or another stone (sapphire, emerald, topaz, ruby, etc.), here are some tips about it:

  • The cut conditions the brilliance of the latter The quality of the cut of the stone is one of the "4Cs" thus making it possible to estimate the value of a diamond because it conditions its brilliance. Indeed, the more a diamond is meticulously cut and presents perfectly symmetrical and aligned facets, the more it will sumptuously reflect the light and thus diffuse an exceptional brilliance. There are different cuts, the main one being the round cut, followed by so-called “fancy” cuts (princess, pear, emerald, heart, etc.). To learn more about the size of a diamond, discover our guide.
  • The weight is the unit of measurement that allows to measure the weight of a stone in the world of jewelry is the carat. The weight of the stone, as well as its quality, are part of the millimetric criteria used to guide the determination of its selling price in jewelry, and this in particular for diamonds. The carat of each stone is indicated on our website, for each collection. The abbreviation for “carats” is called “cts”.

How do I clean my white gold ring and bracelet?

Although white gold is a resistant metal, it still tends to yellow over time, especially if you wear your white gold ring when doing daily tasks and activities (sports, physical or household). Ring, solitaire, alliance, earrings, alliance, necklace, bracelet or pendant, it is the same for all white gold jewelry. It is recommended to cover your white gold jewel with a fine: a layer of rhodium every 3 to 5 years so that it is sufficient to restore its initial shine. the original shine to the jewel that you request from your This operation can be carried out by a professional jeweler. This material is necessary to maintain the appearance and quality of your model.

On your side, before taking your white gold ring to your professional, you can maintain it on your side because all white gold jewelry is cleaned in the same way (see guide below).

Photo: Morse Amour Sapphire ring (4 carats) Photo: Temple ring set with a Tahitian pearl (3 carats) Photo: Pense à Moi ring set with an amethyst (3 carats)

This white gold ring can be set with another stone such as a topaz, a sapphire, a ruby, a diamond or other of the size or the number of carats of your choice in order to give life to a unique model.

How do I take care of my white gold ring?

Gold, whether white, pink, black or yellow, is a noble and precious metal sought after for its incomparable brilliance, durability and quality. However, this metal can tarnish over time and requires special care and maintenance. Indeed, daily activities such as household chores, dust and other elements affect the brilliance of the gold and the sparkle of the stones by dirtying them and deteriorating the polishing.

Diamonds, sapphires, rubies or emeralds are precious stones for which special attention must be paid, especially if the number of carats is high. Set in the heart of the model of your ring, you can maintain it with hot water and soap.

Mistakes to avoid

Before cleaning, make sure you don't make these common mistakes:

  • Never clean gold jewelry with products intended for cleaning silver because it is not the same metal. In addition, it would damage the rhodium plating of the white gold.
  • Other elements are to be avoided such as perfume which contains alcohol which can damage the metal, lacquer or abrasive products such as bleach and detergents.

If your white gold ring is adorned with gemstones, you will need to adapt your cleaning method. Indeed, the emerald and the pearl are fragile stones that do not support hot water. Also, products that leave a film that deposits a greasy veil are not recommended for cleaning diamonds because they should be avoided for cleaning the diamond, as they risk tarnishing them.

Be sure to clean each jewel individually and never rub them against each other at the risk of damaging the polishing of the jewel but also of damaging the precious stones.

Finally, be sure to remove your yellow gold, white gold or rose gold jewelery when doing household chores or protect it with a glove and also remove it during sports or manual and physical activities.

Some tips for the maintenance of jewelry

Warm or hot water is generally the most commonly recommended trick, especially with the addition of Marseille soap or white vinegar. In addition, use a soft toothbrush or a small brush to dislodge all dust and dirt (especially in the claws of the creations that support the stones). After this cleaning step, thoroughly dry your yellow white gold ring with a soft, clean cloth. You can use this technique by also replacing the Marseille soap with dishwashing liquid.

Baking soda can also be used with a soft, damp cloth. Remember to rinse your white gold ring well after applying the baking soda once. used.

Finally, remember to use a soft cloth in general when you remove your jewelry to clean them before storing them in their box provided for this purpose. This will allow them to retain all their shine for as long as possible.