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Rose gold rings from Maison Bäumer

Pink gold, with its natural and light color, is timeless in the world of jewelry which has become more popular over the years. Discover our delicate and light creations in rose gold.


Rose gold rings: the perfect combination of elegance and luxury

The timeless charm of rose gold

Rose gold, with its natural and light color, is a timeless color in the world of jewelry.

The different alloys to obtain pink gold

Gold is an alloy of different metals including a percentage of pure gold. 18K (or 18 carat) gold is 75% pure gold. The remaining 25% have a different metal composition and this can vary. Thus, yellow gold is composed of pure gold, silver and copper. Rose gold rings owe their characteristic color to a higher content of copper than silver in the alloy. This proportion of copper gives rose gold its distinct and elegant pink hue.

Their price and the preciousness of these two types of gold remains the same for the same carat. Unlike pink gold, white gold or blackened gold is obtained by adding a thin layer of white or black rhodium to a gray gold alloy (gold, silver, copper, palladium). This layer of metal, called rhodium plating, is applied to give the gold a white or black finish. However, due to the additional steps involved in the rhodium plating process, white gold or blackened gold is generally more expensive than yellow or rose gold.

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Our rose gold jewelry

Rose gold jewelry is very present in the collections of Maison Bäumer Vendôme. We find pink gold rings, but also wedding bands, bracelets, necklaces and earrings (titanium love for example). The pink gold color is soft and blends perfectly with each stone: sapphire, emerald, or even diamond; as well as with a pavé of diamonds.

For engagements, a rose gold ring or wedding band with diamond pavé or engraving is an ideal choice. This jewelry is suitable for both men and women. Making them ideal gifts for all lovers. By wearing this jewelry, you can symbolize your undying love and strengthen your bond with your partner. Whether it's for a wedding, a special occasion or just to express your love, this rose gold jewelry is a perfect choice. Do not hesitate to personalize your ring with a unique engraving made according to your wishes at the store. On the paved love titanium earring, the paving delicately brings a unique and sublime touch.

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How to choose the perfect rose gold ring for you: shape, size, style and stone

When choosing a rose gold ring, it is important to consider the occasion for which it is intended. Whether it's for an engagement, a wedding, a party, a celebration or just for everyday wear, every occasion may call for a different style of rose gold ring, symbol of love. Choose a ring that perfectly suits the occasion, such as heartbeat or love, and reflects your personality and style. Whether you are looking for a discreet and elegant ring or a more extravagant and daring piece, there is a rose gold ring for every occasion. The different stones: cushion-cut or oval-cut diamonds, rubies, pavés, etc. are crucial and make the ring models unique, for a higher price. If you do not have stones, the House will offer you a list of each diamond that you will choose according to your wishes.

Indeed, a ring or a piece of jewelry is part of a unique moment in your life: engagement, marriage, first child, ... and will be a reminder of it. Whether you are a man or a woman, the collections and models of Maison Bäumer are designed to meet your most demanding desires in terms of rose gold jewelry. The choice of ring categories can also be made according to the other jewelry you wear and be part of the same collection. For example, find a whole range of rose gold jewellery, with or without pavé in our “Heartbeat” collection. The choice of an engraving can be important, because for a modest price, we can bring a unique touch according to your wishes. The “love” engraving is a common wish in these categories. The choice of an engraving can be an important element. Indeed, for an affordable cost, engraving allows you to add a personal and unique touch to your jewelry. Particularly popular are the “Love” and “Amour” engravings. It is also possible to apply an engraving list directly on the diamond, or even a design like a heart, which will be sublimated by the paving around it.

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In the case of a ring, alliance or ring adorned with a center stone, it is essential to be particularly attentive to the choice of its color and its size. Indeed, an oval stone will reflect light differently, and different stones such as sapphire or emerald will marry differently with metal. It is also possible, according to your wishes, to add a tiling, if it is available.

Finally, to choose the right ring size, it is necessary to measure each finger, in order to select the model that will suit you perfectly, and this for the same price. If the ring you want is available in your size, you can buy it directly at the store. Otherwise, we carry out a sizing before giving you your pink gold ring and the paving.

How do I take care of my rose gold ring?

Caring for rose gold rings is essential to preserve their shine and beauty. It is therefore recommended to pay particular attention to them and to clean them regularly with suitable products. Indeed, some products should be avoided so as not to damage the gold or the stones of the ring. Products such as bleach, alcohol, or too greasy soaps can damage the jewel and its diamond paving. Here is a list of tips for cleaning your alliance or ring:

Using a soft cloth, gently brush the jewel with water and white vinegar, or baking soda. This represents a cheaply available cleaning solution for your ring. You can also buy specialized jewelry wipes or have your rings and wedding bands cleaned directly at the jewelry store. To restore all the brilliance of your ring, paved with diamonds or without paving, it is always possible, for all models, even a paved ring, to come and have them refurbished in store according to your wishes.

Then, we advise you to carefully store your rings and wedding rings by category. As for the earrings, it is recommended to protect them from light and humidity by wrapping them in a chamois pouch or placing them in a box provided for this purpose. This simple measure protects them from scratches and oxidation, thus ensuring their longevity and shine.