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The high jewelry earrings from Maison Bäumer, a journey to the heart of excellence...

The Maison's high jewelry earrings


Real objects of desire among lovers of luxury and refined finery, Maison Bäumer offers you different models of high jewelry earrings or gold hoop earrings in various colors and carats that will surprise you with their delicacy. Creative and subtle, let yourself be seduced by our collection of high jewelry earrings imagined by our designer.

High jewelry earrings: a piece of jewelry that signifies pure luxury

An essential and highly prized fashion accessory for women, earrings enhance your appearance and bring a touch of sparkle to it. Indeed, up to date and trendy, gold earrings are both modern and classic, with or without diamonds. The different noble materials used in the creation of our House's high jewelry earrings, such as diamonds and the combination of colors which allow them to be truly unique and singular pieces, which will not look like any other.

High jewelry earrings are recognized by the large volumes they have but also by the precious and colored stones with which they are set. In this way, this jewel signs luxury in its purest form. These creations, directly from the imagination of our Lorenz Bäumer, are full of poetry and secret messages that are revealed at the heart of them through colored precious stones.

Example: the Aqua Wave Creole earrings and the Rose Gold Peony Enchanted Garden earrings

Discover our selection of high jewelry earrings

Because Maison Bäumer wants to bring you the finest, excellence is at the heart of our creative process. Lorenz Bäumer's taste for detail can be felt in each of the fine jewelry earrings he has imagined throughout his life.

Each of the pairs of high jewelry earrings tell a unique story and are easy to wear despite their imposing volumes. The combination of colors and different noble materials greatly amuses our creator who likes to shake up the codes of traditional fine jewelry in order to create pieces that you will not see anywhere else.

For example, our Ombre & Lumière collection is an ode to invisible love and has several models of earrings playing on the contrasts of light between white diamonds and black diamonds. Indeed, shadow and light are revealed in this dazzling collection full of femininity. Representing the shadow of the sun on the trees and flowers, the delicate movement of the branches with the breath of the wind, like a poetic journey.

Example: the Good Girl – Bad Girl earrings (18.47 carat aquamarines) and the Métamorphose Chrysalis earrings in pink gold (10.95 carat rubellite tourmalines)

More original and colorful, the Enchanted Garden collection reveals its magical flowers full of sweetness. Let yourself be transported with this collection in which colored stones combine with engravings and colored lacquers. Like kaleidoscopes, these sparkling creations form a garden, an immersion in the dreamlike universe and escape. For example, the Enchanted Garden cloud earrings lightly represent the colorful and precious clouds of the Enchanted Garden sky. Gracefully accompanying the movements of the face, the spessartite garnets associated with the hard stones, are illuminated by the delicate paving of diamonds.

The Black Magic collection will also have its effect. Indeed, playing on the textures and volumes of black diamonds, the Black Magic collection highlights the beauty of colored stones. Inspired by artists like Soulages or Hartung, it reveals the electric side of stones in an unexpected way. Like constellations, these jewels with celestial evocations are unique and rare pieces, to be worn like a treasure. The Black Magic Etincelles earrings and their bright colors will surprise you with their originality in which black gold mixes with the softness of green beryls and the acid colors of pink and orange sapphires and Paraíba tourmalines for a unique and affirmed.

Discover our collection of high jewelry earrings on our website or come and experience this unforgettable moment in high jewelry, at 19 Place Vendôme, a unique experience in the heart of Paris. In pink gold or white gold, you will necessarily find the pair of earrings or hoops that can complete your jewelry collections.

High jewelry earrings, for a chic and refined style

To have a chic and refined appearance, you can count on the fine jewelry creations of Maison Bäumer. The earrings will dress your face and sublimate your look as well as the features of your face which will be illuminated by these magnificent adornments set with precious stones.

In white gold or pink gold, set with white diamonds or not, each pair of earrings in the Maison's collections have a unique style and are original jewellery. Hoops, dangling earrings, studs or buttons, the association of colors and materials is essential for these jewels which are full of details and which will sublimate in the best way the ear which will be adorned with them. At the heart of the elaboration of these earrings, diamonds, sapphires, rubies and other stones are welcome to create jewels overflowing with details.

The Ombre & Lumière collection perfectly combines white and black diamonds on studs and dangling earrings, in order to offer a play of light and colors that are an ode to invisible love...

Example:Ombre & Lumière stud earrings (0.48 carat white diamonds and 0.40 carat black diamonds) and Chandelier Ombre & Lumière dangling earrings (White diamonds: 7.993 cts)

Wear these earrings with imposing volumes to accompany your outfit and stand out, a style that will not go unnoticed by others...

The different designs of high jewelry earrings (creole, pendant, sleeper, studs, etc.)

Because Lorenz Bäumer's imagination is endless, we offer you different styles of high jewelry earrings among which you will succeed in finding what you are looking for. Hoops, pendants, studs or buttons, our collection of High Jewelry earrings is complete.

For example, in the Black Magic collection, you will find strong pieces with imposing volumes, precious stones and colored stones that will bring uniqueness and originality to your outfit. You can even pair them with another piece from the same collection. For example, in the Black Magic collection, let yourself be enchanted by this fascinating interpretation of the abyss, the Black Magic Calypso earrings reveal two cushion green beryls with crystalline but intense colors. Taking their name from the nymph of the sea, these creations are inspired by sublime corals, highlighted by a black lacquer set with Paraíba tourmalines and black diamonds. A bold reinterpretation of the seabed. You can even accompany it with the superb Black Magic ring Calypso takes its name from the nymph of the sea. The magnificent blue tourmaline installed in the center of this ring is a stretch of crystalline water, whose soft color is lost in the middle of the black lacquer coral set with Paraíba tourmalines and black diamonds. A fascinating interpretation of the abyss.

Examples: Black Magic Calypso earrings , Black Magic Calypso ring , Black Magic Etincelles earrings and Black Magic Etincelles ring