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High jewelry rings from Maison Bäumer, a journey to the heart of excellence...

High Jewelery Rings - Bäumer Vendôme

High jewelry ring: when art meets luxury

In France, Haute Joaillerie is the encounter between incomparable know-how and creative genius. True pieces of art, High Jewelry rings are unique and combine the most precious metals and stones with a unique design with the finest details, thus creating inimitable jewelry. The creator is constantly in search of innovation and novelty, in order to sublimate his creation, which will then be produced by the best French workshop.

The high jewelry ring: a unique and exclusive piece

High jewelry rings are unique creations and offer an exclusive experience. They are generally designed during a privileged meeting between the designer Lorenz Bäumer and the client. and subsequently awarded dramatically depending on the occasion. For men, there are also unique high jewelry watches.

Fine jewelry, the expression of excellence in jewelry

Place Vendôme is the symbol of French Haute Joaillerie. Haute joaillerie is a luxury know-how born in France, maintained by rare expert jewelers such as Lorenz Bäumer. If fine jewelry is the art of creating exceptional pieces with fabulous stones, Maison Bäumer is certainly a reference in this art. Within the 19 place Vendôme, excels a creator who knows perfectly precious stones (diamonds, sapphires, rubies), or even metals such as white gold, platinum, …. All these materials, each more scintillating than the next, inspire Lorenz Bäumer to create jewels with fine details, straight out of dreams, or inspired by nature.

Fine jewelry is a constant search for novelty and excellence. This offers the creator the possibility of implementing his craziest ideas: mechanism, olfactory material, tattooed diamonds. Each piece made by a French workshop is unique, and reflects the identity of the House and the nature of its creator.

The high jewelry alliance: a unique jewel for a unique moment

Among the high jewelry creations of Maison Bäumer, rings and wedding bands are essential. These play with unique designs, rare and new materials, and exceptional stones (white diamonds, sapphires, etc.). Indeed, the stone also has a central role in high jewelry creations: like certain cut yellow diamonds. The wedding ring, sometimes in white gold set with diamonds or sapphires, is a symbol of love between a man and a woman, during a wedding or engagement.

For example: the pink gold sapphire wedding ring, 1.5 carat morse love sapphire ring, platinum wedding ring paved with diamonds

The different styles of high jewelry rings

Fine jewelry rings can come in many styles. These can be exceptional orders, such as the diamond foam tiara. They can also be part of a collection, such as the heartbeat wedding band, set with a pear-shaped diamond, of substantial size or even a morse love. Indeed, it is possible to match your ring with each jewel of a collection: earrings, necklace, bracelets, and even watches. Each of the high jewelry creations is one of a kind, with a design that reflects the customer's desires, seasonal inspirations and the creative vision of the jeweler. Paving diamonds, for example, bring a unique and luxurious touch to your jewellery.

For example: the diamond heartbeat ring, the white gold diamond heartbeat earrings, the white gold diamond heartbeat necklace, the white gold diamond heartbeat bracelet or the Damask Rose, set with a 4.3 carat pink sapphire.

How to choose a high jewelry ring

To choose a high jewelry ring, you must first know your tastes and your budget. Indeed, depending on the stone chosen (ruby, sapphire, etc.), its purity, the carats and its size, the price of the creation can vary a lot. Then, either the customer chooses an existing ring, which will have captured his attention, by its design, its materials, the details and even its history; or the latter can go to the salons of the Maison Bäumer Vendôme to discuss a tailor-made creation with Lorenz Bäumer. This will be done according to the desires of the client and the occasion (wedding, engagement, gifts), but also with the incomparable personal touch of the designer. A ring can be kept for a lifetime. If it is a gift for a man or a woman, it is important to know his tastes, his style of jewelry and the price you want to put. The choice of a ring can also be made to complete collections, such as the titanium love collection. Thus, you match your ring with a necklace, your watches, etc. For gifts, choose a jewel to complement your wife's collections, taking inspiration from her necklaces, watches or others.

Our advice for taking care of your high jewelry ring

It is essential to take care of your fine jewelry ring to preserve it throughout its life. Indeed, even if the best materials are used, they require special attention.

First of all, it is necessary to store the ring carefully, if possible away from light, in a case or in chamois leather. Avoid putting several jewels side by side. Indeed, these could collide with each other and damage the metal and the setting.

Then, you must avoid any contact between the ring and the setting with aggressive substances, such as alcohol, perfume, washing powder, etc.

Finally, to keep the shine of your ring, like your necklaces, bracelets or earrings, it is important to clean it frequently. For this, it is recommended to clean the ring using clear water, mild soap, or white vinegar and a toothbrush. This low-cost method is effective for taking care of your fine jewelry ring, especially for diamond pavé.

Cleaning a diamond set on a ring requires special attention in order to preserve the beauty and brilliance of this precious stone. If you want to disinfect your jewelry, lemon can be a cheap solution. However, it is important to avoid the use of alcohol, which could damage the alloy of your jewelry.

Another option is to entrust the deep cleaning of your ring to a jeweler or a specialized workshop. These professionals will be able to use the appropriate cleaning products and techniques depending on the materials, such as rose gold, white gold or platinum, which may require different care.

It is important to know that the stones remain fragile, even a diamond, a sapphire or a ruby, during a frontal impact. So be careful not to drop your jewelry on a hard surface, and take care of your ring when you wear it.