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19 Place Vendôme

19 Place Vendôme is an address dear to Lorenz Bäumer in the heart of the Hotel d’Evreux. This masterpiece of classical architecture is a place steeped in history which it has occupied since 2013.

Boutique Bäumer

19 Place Vendôme, 75001 Paris, France
Monday to Saturday 11:00 – 19:00
[email protected]
+33 1 42 86 99 33

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Secret and personal showcase, the Bäumer boutique distinguishes itself with its different spaces, all with unique details from the Bäumer world that the designer likes to share.

The surfer’s cabane

Created as a secret and intimate place, the Cabane takes its place with majesty in the shop. Demonstrating Lorenz Bäumer’s love of surfing and the ocean, it is in this unique place that the designer invents, thinks and designs his future jewellery. Guests also have the chance to meet there for special meetings to create custom-made creations.

The library

The Library is the place where Lorenz Bäumer likes to receive his guests. They can discover his cabinet of curiosity with a variety of objects that are dear to his heart: sand from all over the world, precious raw minerals, hard stone samples and a few objects of his own creation.

The Vendôme Collection

The luckiest ones will be able to discover the first floor of the boutique, a privileged space full of surprises. The Gallery, an exceptional place dear to Lorenz Bäumer, presents a multitude of paintings and photos of the Vendôme column from his personal collection. The hundreds of photos presented tell the story of the column and the great moments of this place with which the creator has been living a true love story for more than 30 years.

The salon

At the end of this gallery is the Salon Vendôme dedicated to the Count of Evreux, the first owner of the place. This unique room unveils a splendid view of the Place Vendôme and its column, a haven of peace and an exceptional place, ideal for letting your imagination run wild.

The bar

The Bar is like a journey of the senses, Lorenz Bäumer likes to present exceptional rums and whiskies discovered during his many travels. Which he likes to accompany with a chocolate tasting to the delight of his guests.