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Creations of exception

Designer Jewellery at Place Vendôme

Lorenz Bäumer has always wished to place his life under the sign of creation. Creating is a matter of course, whether awake or asleep, day or night. It is also a pleasure that the jeweller can share daily with those he does not necessarily know, those who wear his designer jewellery. If beauty is the promise of happiness, being a jewellery designer is first and foremost about keeping that promise. It requires some talents, and above all, not to compartmentalize them, to let them grow, to be a complete artist. But above all, the main driving force behind this eternal desire to create is passion. Without passion, nothing is possible because with passion it is possible to dare, to learn, to invent and to reinvent designer jewellery.

So it was on Place Vendôme that jewellery designer Lorenz Bäumer set up his Cabane du Créateur, a veritable cabinet of ideas, an incubator of emotions and beauty, a research laboratory, a creative space where new concepts are born and new techniques are tested. He chose Place Vendome because it is the only possible address for a jeweller with a claim to excellence. Every day, customers discover this creative force and what comes out of it : astonishing, surprising and totally revolutionary designer jewellery.

cabane createur 2

Sources of inspiration for designer jewellery

The jeweller’s sources of inspiration are many, but nature and its fruits are certainly what Lorenz Bäumer wants to preserve more than anything else in the form of designer jewellery.

Indeed, the magic of jewellery! Everything that is perishable and fragile can be given eternal life. This flower will not wither, this cherry branch will not need water, this stem will not break. Everything is possible! This jewellery designer tames nature and submits it to his will. Here, the most delicate leaf curls, here, a petal settles and holds as if by magic. Everything is ordered to the rhythm that the jeweller imposes, following a harmony of which he is the composer.

The jeweller is a tightrope walker, running on the edge of creation, stretched between today and tomorrow. When the balance is perfect, time stands still, and creative jewellery is born.

Exceptional materials for designer jewellery

The quality of the gold, but above all of the stones, is the starting point for an extraordinary achievement, for the luxurious experience that a customer can come to the Place Vendôme for from a jewellery designer.

The choice of stones is really at the heart of the design process. One stone can inspire the creation of a ring, a brooch, a necklace. Two stones together are like fireworks. The challenge for the jeweller and jewellery designer Lorenz Bäumer is to create the alchemy, the perfect balance between all these elements, each one more noble and luxurious than the last.

Les pierres sur lesquelles il mise le plus : les diamants de couleur. Ses pierres favorites : les tourmalines aux couleurs saturées les péridots, les spinelles. Le pays des pierres les plus étonnantes ? Le Brésil, où sont réunies toutes les couleurs de la création : topazes impériales, plus rares que le diamant, aux délicates nuances de pêche ; tourmalines dont les teintes se déclinent selon celles de l’arc-en-ciel ; améthystes en robe d’évêque, aux reflets pleins de mystère, citrines chatoyant comme un miel, émeraudes, menthe captieuse des jardins secrets… Voici les composantes des plus beaux bijoux créateur.

Pierres Fines

The stages of creating a designer jewel

The basis of creation: drawing. Drawing is a necessary step in the creation of creative jewellery, a projection of the idea in two dimensions, before moving on to modelling in space. The idea must come immediately, it must spring up on paper. Once the desire to create is expressed, the workshops of the House take over. Hundreds and hundreds of hours of work are required to produce designer jewellery. It is necessary to sculpt, mould, melt, chisel, pre-polish and drill the frame. This requires nearly a hundred hours of work. Then the setting of the stones and the finishing touches again require more than fifty hours of meticulous work and rare expertise.

 All these combined skills, efforts and hours are undoubtedly a prerequisite for the creation of an exceptional piece, which will provoke an unforgettable emotion in its owner.

Exceptional designer jewellery

Exceptional workshops, lapidaries, diamond cutters and goldsmiths all use their exceptional know-how to create jewellery. It is a question of mastering all possible techniques and inventing new ones to succeed in shaping the creator’s idea.

Some of Lorenz Bäumer’s creations give movement to stones by freeing them, for the moment of illusion, from the laws of gravity; they then capture a maximum of light and throw a multitude of lights. The Menotte ring makes a sapphire “levitate” between the fingers; the two emeralds of another ring seem to float on the hand, held by a mysteriously decorative chain. One of Lorenz Bäumer’s first designer jewels, which of course did not leave anyone indifferent.

In addition, some creations incorporate the most unusual components: meteorites, daguerreotypes, stones from ancient Petra, a 3,000-year-old figurine of a polymorphic Egyptian god… The jeweller’s boundless creativity is limitless and even manages to divert certain objects from their traditional or historical function. Uses and customs are turned upside down, revisited, just like the setting techniques, which are constantly reinvented. Here is the recipe for the most beautiful designer jewellery.

The importance of detail in designer jewellery 

An exceptional jeweller must seek perfection in the smallest details. All elements, even those that are not very visible or deliberately hidden, are worked on to the point of obsession: the interiors and backs of designer jewellery, special cuts for the stones, systems, engravings and cut-outs, joints whose secrets will only be revealed little by little, sometimes never.

At first glance, the details are obviously not apparent. However, they make all the difference between an ordinary piece of jewellery and a great achievement: a designer jewellery. These details are similar to the hundredth of a second that will get the athlete to the top of the podium and that will have cost him so much effort.