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Diamond wedding ring

The diamond wedding ring to express the eternity of feelings

Symbol of eternity, the diamond wedding ring is appealing for its elegance expressed in all finesse and its brilliance worthy of the greatest flames. If the time has come for you to choose your wedding ring, don’t be distracted by the wide choice of gemstones available to you, express your love with the most noble of stones. At Bäumer Vendôme, you will inevitably find the jewel which will be able to translate most faithfully your emotions. Timeless, the diamond wedding ring resists the whims of fashion, just as your feelings cannot be shaken by the trials of life.

Which model to choose?

The diamond wedding ring is available in many models. The designers compete with genius to make pieces of rare beauty. Whether you like more sophisticated or more discreet jewelry, the Bäumer Vendôme collections are enriched with new items every month. Prefer the half diamond wedding ring if you want to show the fineness of the contour of your wedding ring. You will thus highlight the yellow gold, white gold or pink gold on which the stones are mounted. This choice also allows you to reduce the budget allocated to your wedding ring while its careful finish makes you forget that it is a diamond wedding ring half turn. Do you want to wear a wedding ring adorned entirely with diamonds? The Full Circle Diamond Wedding Ring is an excellent choice. Slightly more expensive, this model is perfectly suited for a wedding. Contrary to popular belief, the ring finger easily gets used to the presence of diamonds on the side.

A diamond wedding ring with or without engravings?

Your wedding ring is a jewel that will accompany you for the rest of your life. To make the event unforgettable, it is possible to opt for a customizable model. If you want to be original, have a text engraved that has meaning for your couple. You can also add a date or your first names to make your diamond ring more authentic. With an engraveablering, you have the possibility to vary the text as well as the font or the size of the writing. Of course, this customization work entrusted to the jewelerwill represent an additional cost, but it allows you to obtain a unique jewel for this exceptional event that you are about to celebrate.

Which metal to choose for a diamond wedding ring?

A wedding ring in pink, yellow or white gold is the ideal metal to hold a diamond. Depending on your budget, you can choose between 18 karat finegold, also known as 750 thousandths gold, or 9 karat gold, known as 375 thousandths gold. This denomination comes from the quantity of gold used per 1000 units of the metal. This precision avoids confusion and makes it possible to know exactly how much gold is in the alloy used to make the ring.

If the choice of material is essential, the choice of diamond is just as important. With the 4C rule, you have a clear criterion for selecting the right stone for you. They are mainly carat, clarity, color and sizeor “cut” meaning the quality of the cut. At Bäumer Vendôme, you can easily access different models of diamond wedding rings that are both discreet and refined. Some are accompanied by several round diamonds of G/SI quality of 0.25 carat, true luxury jewelry to symbolize your love.

What is the crimp?

There are different types of set diamond wedding rings in our online jewelry store. To better understand, know that the closed setting is to enclose the stone except the top part that remains visible. This method is not suitable for half and full round diamond wedding bands. When the stone is at the height of the metal and that in addition to the surface, the two sides remain open to make visible the tip of the diamond, it is a semi-closed setting. As for the claw setting, small metal claws are folded around the stone to enclose it. For a half turn or full turn wedding band, 2 claws are usually enough to fix the stone.

Comfortable and elegant, the rail setting is distinguished by its two bars that form a kind of rail on which the stones slide. Each gemis glued to another without separation, which gives more brilliance and shine to the jewel. For a better compromise between the rail and the claws which are the most common crimps, it is possible to choose the grain or castle crimp. The edges will slightly increase in height for a more refinedand shinyeffect. Another more modern method exists, the barsetting which characterizes the classicmodel of diamond wedding rings. The diamonds are here separated from a metal bar intended to fit them into the ring.

How to clean your diamond wedding ring?

The choice of a diamond wedding ring is not made at random. It is a high-end jewel that pleases for its subtle design. Very feminineand timeless, it adapts to all clothing styles. Diamonds can be worn for any occasion, whether it is a wedding, a civil union or an engagement, but it is important to know how to maintain it so that it keeps all its brilliance despite the wear of time. If you have no ideahow to clean a diamond wedding ring, here are some tips. To avoid scratching the stone, it is best to simply use water and soap made from natural products to clean your ring.

The method is very simple, take a bowl, put in a little warm water and soap. Immerse your ring in this preparation for 15 to 20 minutes. Then gently brush the jewelry with a soft-bristled toothbrush before rinsing and drying with a cotton ball or small paper towel. There is also a product specially designed to clean your diamond wedding ring. Just remember to choose the right one for the metal that makes up the body of your ring before you buy it to prevent it from oxidizing. If you prefer professional help, ultrasonic cleaning at the jeweler’s is another possible alternative.