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Emerald ring

Emerald ring, an ode to hope

The emerald ring is distinguished by its beautiful deep and shimmering green color. This slightly fragile gemstone conveys a message of hope as does its soothing, invigorating and natural hue, often associated in traditional culture with luck and hope. To be given as a giftor as a present, emerald jewelry also symbolizes fertility, renewal and delicacy.

Style and design, how to choose?

The emerald can be worn as a solo, accompanied solo or in a trilogy. Because of the fragility of this stone, the most common shape is an oval cut or the cut with cut sides, commonly called “emerald cut”. Depending on your taste, the jeweler may suggest a pear cut, especially for a pendant setting, but it is advisable to prefer rectangular or octagonal stones on ringsto allow the gemto be more resistant to shocks.

If you are looking for jewelryto give for a birthday, the emerald is particularly suitable for natives of the month of May, the best is to opt for a design in harmony with the taste of the person. All you have to do is look at the sets she usually wears and match the style to her preferences. For an engagement ring, the solitaire is the most classic design, but you can choose to dress it up with a diamond pavé or opt for an emerald trilogy or a subtle mix of emerald and diamonds. Among its collection, Bäumer Vendôme offers you a large choice ofrefined emerald rings of a rare elegance.

The characteristics of emerald

Emerald is one of the most prized gemstones. In order not to make a mistake and choose a good qualitygem, it would be useful to know its specificities. In terms of purity, it is very rare to find a stone that is perfectly pure to the naked eye, emerald usually has inclusions, but the best stones are those that are the brightest. In this case, the inclusions are smaller, less visible and do not make the stone too opaque to prevent the flow of light.

This particularity of emerald is part of its qualities and the inclusions are even known as the “emerald garden“. In terms of color, the more intense the green, the more sought after the stone is, but it is up to each person to choose according to their taste. Indeed, a stone can be less intense, but have an excellent purity while a stone too dark will be less bright. Similarly, for the weight, the heavier the stone, the higher the price.

What metal is associated with emerald?

Gold is the ideal setting for emerald. This preciousmetal is particularly resistant. You can choose to mount your stone on yellow gold, white gold or rose gold depending on the effect you want to create. Depending on your budget, you will have the choice between 18 karat gold, also called 750 thousandths gold or 9 karator 375 thousandths gold. The main difference is in the alloy, which means that there is not the same amount of gold in each composition. It should be remembered that pure 24-carat gold is too soft to be worked directly, hence the need to alloy it with other metals.

To guarantee its authenticity, gold jewelry generally has two hallmarks: the guarantee hallmark, an eagle’s head for 18-carat gold and a trefoil for 9-carat gold, and a master hallmark, that of the manufacturer. For your quest for the perfect giftor wedding ring, Bäumer Vendôme jewelry is available online to make it easy for you to find that rare pearl. With a certificate of authenticity, you can be sure that you are acquiring a luxury, authentic and high quality piece.

How to clean an emerald ring ?

The advantage of emerald is that it is a very easy stone to maintain. Of course, it will be necessary to take some precautions not to damage it considering its fragility. Avoid exposing it to sudden temperature changes. When doing housework or manual labor, be careful not to scratch the stone. It is also important to know that to accentuate the brilliance of the emerald, especially those with many cracks, jewelers usually soak them in cedar oil. This treatment must be mentioned on the certificate of authenticity. When the stone loses its shine, this treatment can be renewed, but it is more prudent to entrust it to a professional.

To clean your ring, avoid using a chemical product. If it is not very dirty, you can simply rub it gently with a cleaning cloth specially designed for metals. In case you need to wash it, simply use room temperature water and immerse your jewelry in it. After a few hours, you can rub it gently before air drying it For a clawset diamond ring, you can use a cotton swab to better clean your jewelry.