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Engagement Ring

The engagement ring, symbol of an unparalleled love…

A pledge of eternal and unchanging love, the engagement ring is more than a symbol, it is an integral part of the couple’s history. Her choice shows that each encounter is unique and that this jewel made of precious materials such as white gold, yellow gold or rose gold is none other than the reflection of a noble feeling, nourished by two hearts ready to seal their lives through a first commitment. Bäumer Vendôme specializes in the online sale of gold jewelry, and in particular diamond engagement rings, and we accompany you in the choice of the engagement ring to measure your feelings.

How to choose an engagement ring?

A true declaration of love, the engagement ring deserves to be chosen with care. It should not be forgotten that it will be unique and that the lucky one will wear it all her life. There are even beliefs that give this jewel the power to connect the left ring finger directly to the heart, like a vein. Given this symbolic mesh embroidered around the woman’s engagement ring, the search for increasingly noble and precious materials has become a perpetual challenge for jewelers. Several criteria should be taken into account before choosing an engagement ring: which stone corresponds to you or reflects your temperament, which material matches your taste as well as your skin tone and finally which shape you like and enhances your personality and style? For example, the diamond engagement ring is the most popular because the diamond is a symbol of eternity. But you can also choose from other gemstones for your engagement ring: ruby, sapphire or emerald. An engagement ring set with a diamond or other gemstone can also have a diamond pavement on the ring body, or be surrounded by a band of diamonds or other colored stones.

With the Bäumer Vendôme collections, demand the codes of luxury while keeping control of your budget. Each month, discover our new products, always anchored in the trends of the moment, whether it is jewelry with classic, pure or geometric lines.

Stone and color, follow the instinct of your heart

The most popular stone for couples is the diamond for their engagement ring. To distinguish a diamond ring that can be worn on different occasions from a diamond engagement ring, you should know that in the context of an exchange of vows, the diamond is more often solitary while it is small and multiple or sometimes even associated with other stones for the classic diamond rings. A timeless stone, the white diamond combines elegance and delicacy while easily blending with any other jewel and any clothing style. For the choice of your diamond jewel, there are 4 criteria not to be neglected, the 4C . These specifications correspond to the weight, cut, color and clarity of the diamond (Color, Cut, Clarity, Carat).

If you want to add a touch of color to your women’s engagement ring, stones such as sapphire, with its beautiful blue hue, emerald of a shimmering green, ruby, a true symbol of passion thanks to its red color, or tourmaline which comes in pink or blue, lend themselves to all fantasies. These colored stones convey a delicate message of emotion and stand out for their originality, just follow your heart to make the best choice. As for the size and shape, it will depend mainly on your taste and your budget. On our site, more than thirty different stones, precious and semi-precious, are proposed to you to allow you to play on the soft variations of colors.

Which material to choose

The best way not to make a mistake is simply to match your choice with the jewelry that your loved one likes. The yellow gold engagement ring sublimates in particular the dark skins. It is resistant and never loses its color. Note that 18 karat yellow gold is composed of 75% 24 karat yellow gold and 25% other metals such as copper or silver. Indeed, because of its too soft consistency, the 24 carat fine gold cannot be worked without this subtle mixture. There is also another type of alloy that produces 9 karat gold. In this case, fine or pure 24-carat gold represents 37.5% of the total composition of the material. Although yellow gold is the most classic, more and more women prefer to adorn themselves with white gold. A white gold engagement ring is made of 75% yellow gold and 25% other metals like silver, zinc or nickel. If you are looking for a remarkable or singular creation, rose gold is on the rise. The pink gold engagement ring is made of 75% pure gold, 24 carats, 20% copper and 5% other material, which is what gives it its sublime pink color. Bäumer Vendôme works with the noble and precious materials of the jewelry industry: 9 or 18 carat gold to offer you an exceptional jewel, just like your story.

How to clean and shine your engagement ring?

The maintenance of your engagement ring allows it to keep its shine despite the ravages of time. Remember to polish your gold jewelry regularly with a chamois leather. If you have chosen a white gold set, it is possible that it will yellow slightly over time as the alloy is composed of 75% yellow gold at the base. In this case, it may be necessary to apply a thin layer of Rhodium to preserve its beautiful gray color and make it stainless. If necessary, do not hesitate to visit your jeweler to maintain and polish your ring. If it is a yellow gold diamond engagement ring, you can soak it in slightly warm soapy water for a few minutes and then gently scrub it with a small soft brush before wiping it with a cloth. The soap can be replaced by a little baking soda Please note that this advice does not apply to white or pink gold and is not recommended for other gemstones that you can just clean with a microfiber cloth soaked in water and a little household alcohol. Indeed, the brush and the baking soda could scratch them.

How to wear your engagement ring?

The most classic and traditional way to wear the engagement ring is on the ring finger of the left hand. The choice of the ring finger comes from an Egyptian myth which indicates that there is only one vein that can connect directly to the heart, this one would be found on the ring finger. However, depending on the country and its customs or even on your personal preferences in terms of aesthetics, other options are possible. In most countries, the engagement ring and wedding band are worn on the left ring finger, but in some countries such as Germany, the ring finger of the right hand is strictly reserved for the wedding band.