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About my order

How to buy online?

If you wish to buy online, nothing could be simpler.
Select the jewellery you wish to purchase, the pages of these products must have the "Add to cart" button. If this is the case, add all the products in your basket, for rings and bracelets you will have to select a size, then click on "validate my order". Then fill in your billing and delivery information and proceed to the payment stage. Take your payment card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex...), fill in your information and click on "validate payment".
You will then receive a confirmation email confirming that your order has been taken into account.

Why create an account?

Creating an account allows a personalised follow-up of your orders. You will have the opportunity to track your order. This will also enable us to contact you in the event of any unforeseen circumstances concerning your order, such as the non-availability of a piece of jewellery, a delay in delivery or a personalised request.

Can I accompany my purchase with a personal message?

You will be able to ask for a free gift wrap when you validate your basket to which you will be able to add a personal message. This message can be printed directly by the Bäumer teams, or if you wish, we can send you a blank Bäumer card.

Is it possible to engrave a creation via the e-shop?

Engraving is available on a selection of jewels, these jewels are indicated with the mention "add an engraving". This engraving is offered in stick or English typography, with a maximum of 10 letters. Do not hesitate to contact us for any special request.

What should I do if my jewellery does not match my order?

We apologize if your jewellery does not match the one ordered. Don't hesitate to contact us so that we can organise the delivery of the jewellery you have ordered, and the return of the one that doesn't correspond to your order. We will, of course, bear the return and shipping costs for this order.

How do I choose the size of my jewellery?

A size guide is at your disposal so that you can choose your best size. All you need to do is print it out in A4 format and measure the size that suits you best.

About delivery

I do not live in one of the countries mentioned in the GTC. Can I order via the e-shop and be delivered outside these countries?

It is quite possible to be delivered to a country not mentioned in the GTC, please contact us so that we can arrange this together.

What are the costs and delivery times?

The delivery will be offered to you for orders over 1 000€, delivery times are between 2 days and one week depending on the country.

If I buy several creations can I have them sent to several addresses?

Unfortunately it is not possible to ship two pieces of jewellery from the same order to two different addresses. Do not hesitate in this case to place two different orders, you will be given two tracking numbers.

I bought a piece of jewellery on the Bäumer website. How do I know if my order has been shipped?

An email confirming the shipment of your order will be sent once it leaves our offices. You will then be able to track your parcel with the tracking number sent.

I have a gift delivered directly to the person receiving the gift. If she doesn't like the jewellery, can she exchange it?

It is not always easy to choose a gift. For this reason, we accept that a person who has received a gift can exchange it, if he or she has the documents provided at the time of shipment and the original packaging. This person will also have to contact us within the legal time limit authorising the return of the jewellery, i.e. 15 days.

About payment

What methods of payment are accepted?

The methods of payment accepted are credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex...), do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to make a bank transfer.

Is my payment secure?

Payment on the Bäumer website is, of course, secure.

About Returns

I am not satisfied with my purchase, can I cancel, return or exchange it?

It is not possible to cancel an order, however it is possible to return it within 15 days. You will be able to exchange a piece of jewellery only if the size does not fit. However, it is not possible to return a personalised item with an engraving.

About the website

I cannot find the product I am looking for on the Bäumer website. What to do?

Do not hesitate to contact us if you do not find what you are looking for on our site. Many of Bäumer's creations are unique pieces, so it is possible that some pieces may not be visible online. Please contact us and we will be happy to respond to your requests.

What is the quality of the diamonds used in Bäumer jewellery?

Bäumer uses GVS-quality diamonds for its pavements.