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Gold jewelry for women

Gold jewelry for women, unalterable giftss

To offer in any occasion, gold jewelry for women are giftswith a strong symbolic value. Ideal for a birthday or holiday, this gift is also perfect for important moments in life such as baptism. Gold jewelry is a coveted item for those who love luxury and fine jewelry. It is appreciated for its preciousness, natural beauty and durability.

Jewelry always up to date

Gold is a particularly resistant preciousmetal that can be used to make a unique piece that lasts a lifetime. In the hands of a passionate craftsman, it is transformed into dream jewelryto be passed on from generation to generation. It comes in beautiful bracelets, earrings, ring, necklace, chainto fit all your outfits. Symbol of light and perfection, 18kor 18k gold is perfect for creating a wedding ring for the one you love. If it is an engagement ring, the jeweler plays on his creativity to present an elegantmodel set with precious stones such as diamond, sapphire, emerald or ruby. As a gift or for yourself, the gold braceletor chainis also an excellent choice. Perfectly up to date, this type of jewelryhighlights the bright yellow colorof the gold. If you are giving the giftof a necklace or a chain, be aware that the widthof the mesh and the lengthof the jewel will give it a particular style. At Bäumer Vendôme, you can purchase high quality women’s gold jewelry with a free return in case of dissatisfaction.

How to choose a gold jewel ?

A true declaration of love for a loved one, a yellow gold necklace is a special sign of affection for a woman. To make your choice, pay attention to the sizeand qualityof the jewelry. Pay attention to your significant other’s tastes, especially for colors. Depending on its style, you can choose between a fine jewel in white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. Even if yellow gold is appreciated for its golden shine, some people prefer the discretion of whitegold. For the bigday, take care to offer her a qualitywoman-jewel to declare your love. Symbol of eternal love, the solitaire ringwith a clawset diamondis a gift of choice if you wish to propose marriage. If you are looking for a new product, discover the best gold jewelry at a good price at Bäumer Vendôme. Our online catalog has a widerange of refined and elegant gold jewelry for women. These products are guaranteed for two years and the return is free for a period of 30 days after delivery.

When to offer a gold jewel ?

The gold jewelry for women is a fashionaccessoryto offer and to wear in any occasion. When buyingwomen’s gold jewelry, besides the priceon the invoice, pay attention to the qualityof the gold as determined by a hallmark or karatsymbol. Jewelers also provide a certificate of authenticity for these products, whether it is yellow gold, white gold or rose gold. In the world of goldsmithing, 18 karat gold symbolizes pure 750 thousandths gold and 9 karat gold symbolizes pure 375 thousandths gold. There is also a 14k or 585 thousandths gold. Sweet gift for a religious or family celebration, the gold woman jewel is an irrefutable proof of love. This wondercan address a mother of the family and looks great with everyday outfits like a coat or pants. No matter which color you prefer, yellow, white or pink, the Bäumer Vendôme offer will not disappoint you. Necklaces, bracelets, chains adorned with pearls, rings set with fine or precious stones, a whole collection of high-end jewelry awaits luxury enthusiasts at an affordable price.

Where to find a quality gold jewel for women ?

Precious gifts, the necklace, the chain, the ring or the gold bracelet are available at Bäumer Vendôme, your onlinejewelry specialist. Unlike the stainless steel jewelry, the favorite items like the gold necklace respect the codes of luxury, but remain accessible in terms of price. The site accompanies you throughout your purchase, ensures the conditionof the items during shipping and takes care of their delivery. In addition to this delivery, a secure payment ensures the transaction. Also, a two-year warranty is offered for each set sold. This regularly updatedcollection includesgold jewelry of different colors that can be set with gemstones or matched with pink, blueor greengemstones.

How to clean your gold jewel ?

The maintenance of your favorite gold jewel does not present any particular difficulty. Cleaning can be done with soap and water. You can also opt for a cleaning productspecially designed for this purpose. Regardless of the brand, size and model of your jewelry, no chemical productshould be used because it may alter its shine. If it is encrusted with oval stones or other shapes and they are tarnishing, entrust its cleaning to a specialist in the worldof jewelry. After cleaning,the gold jewel should regain its original shine. To ensure that the jewelry is back to its best after qualitycare, you can place it on the table inside a case and enjoy it as if it were still on its display.