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Gold ring

Gold ring, a luxury jewel for a special present

Sophisticated, classic or modern, a gold ring is often set with precious stones for a refined set with character. The result of the work of talented goldsmiths, this jewel is born from an alliance of noble metals and refined gems. In pink, white or yellow gold, gold rings are an ideal adornment for any woman seeking elegance and beauty. Discover the gold rings with Bäumer Vendôme. A collection of trendy rings adapted to all styles awaits you on our site.

How to choose the size of a gold ring?

Faced with the plethora of creations offered by jewelers, choosing a gold ring for women is often not easy. Here are some criteria not to be neglected to find the jewel that will best meet your expectations and requirements. Whether you are buying a ring for yourself or considering a gift, knowing the size of your finger is a must. In addition to measuring the circumference of your finger with a ring gauge, you can also take another ring that already fits your finger and measure its inner diameter. This data is used to determine the circumference of your next piece of jewelry. The use of a virtual ring gauge is also possible. You can place the ring on the rings available online and choose the one with an inner diameter corresponding to it.

Which colors to choose?

Depending on the material used, the gold ring can be yellow, pink or white. White gold is especially suitable for those who like modern style. The white gold ring allows you to remain discreet while remaining very refined, especially if it is set with a diamond, for a particularly successful tone on tone wedding. The yellow gold ring, on the other hand, is for those who like a classic and flashy look. The intensity of this golden color varies according to the degree of purity of the metal used for its manufacture. An interesting alternative between the warmth of yellow and the discretion of white, the rose gold ring seduces by its dynamic tone and its originality. The softness of the color allows it to highlight the brilliance of the gems adorning the ring. Although it suits all skin tones, the rose gold ring looks best on darker skin.

Finesse and style, a jewel for every personality

If the jewel is intended for you, the choice of style should not pose any particular problem. For a ring to offer, be attentive to the jewelry that the person already wears. Does she prefer a rather large ring or does she like finesse, what shape of ring does she like and what is her style: classic, modern or original? Whichever ring you choose, gold displays more brilliance accompanied by a precious stone. Each gem has its own meaning, between the sapphire, the emerald, the ruby and the diamond, it’s up to you to find the one that best conveys your message or that best reflects your personality. For the arrangement of stones on the setting, you can choose between the white gold diamond solitaire ring with a large central gem or a trilogy ring. Set with three stones, this ring symbolizing past, present and future love is also perfect as an engagement ring.

What maintenance for a gold ring?

There are simple and economical ways to restore your gold ring to its former glory. In principle, it is sufficient to soak the jewel in a solution, rub it gently with a soft bristle brush to remove the dirt, rinse with water and then let it dry inside a cotton pad or a clean cloth. For the basic solution you can choose between a mixture of water and Marseille soap, water and baking soda, coca-cola or hot water and white vinegar. If the gold ring is set with precious stones, use a solution based on warm water and Marseille soap or dishwashing liquid. Other products may alter the quality of the gem. For the white gold ring for women, the brilliance of the jewel comes from the thin layer of rhodium placed on the ring. A new rhodium plating is recommended every five years so that the metal can regain its original shine.

How to recognize a gold ring?

Distinguishing a gold ring from a gold-plated or costume jewel is not always easy. Several techniques can help you in authenticating your ring. The first method is to detect the state hallmarks engraved on the jewelry. These signs indicate the gold content expressed in carats. An owl or eagle head hallmark is used for 18 karat gold, a scallop shell for 14 karat gold and a clover for 9 karat gold. If this information is not available, it is possible to opt for other processes. The first is to attract the ring with a magnet, if the test is positive, it means that it is not gold, because this metal is not sensitive to this type of attraction. You can also soak your jewelry in bleach or silver cleaner for one day. After this period, the absence of oxidation will authenticate the quality of your jewel. Other tests such as the one using nitric acid can also be applied. When in contact with this product, pure gold does not cause any chemical reaction, whereas gold-plated products turn green or white.