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High Jewelry

Baumer Jewelry. Gourmandise bracelet winter. White gold, precious stones. High jewelry


Nature has always influenced Lorenz Bäumer's creations. At a very young age he fell in love with the sea thanks to surfing, one of his great passions. Seashells, corals and waves populate his universe, soon followed by many representatives of the fauna and flora.

Baumer high jewelry. A la folie pendant. Precious stones, pink gold


Lorenz Bäumer has always liked to tell about the invisible and precious bonds of life. His High Jewelry creations are messages of love capturing magical and poetic moments. Secret messages are revealed in unique creations and through colorful gemstones.

Jewelry Baumer. Battement de coeur bracelet Architecte Mikado. Zoom picture. Pink gold, diamonds. High jewelry, precious stones


For Lorenz Bäumer, jewellery is like a precious construction. They bear witness to our world, our passions, our memories and our stories. As an architect, the jeweller builds creations for living, symbols of dreams and eternity.