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Necklace in gold

The gold necklace, a jewel close to the heart

The gold necklace is one of the most symbolic pieces of jewelry since it is the one worn closest to the heart. As much the choice of the chain as that of the pendantmust not be done randomly so that it takes all its significance. Whether it is to display a status, a belonging, an identity, express a feeling or recall a memory, the necklace is the ideal jewel. Fashion accessory that enhances the bust and neck, it brings a special touch to your outfit.

What type of mesh to choose?

Synonymous with finesse and elegance, the gold necklace is distinguished by original designs or authentic pendants. Discreet, but elegant, this jewel must be in harmony with the style and morphology of the woman. If you want to give it as a gift, here are some criteria to guide you. First, think about choosing the mesh. In addition to its aesthetic side, it must be selected according to the desired use. A necklace worn every day is indeed different from a chainaccompanying your evening wear. In addition, the shape of the mesh allows or not the wearing of a pendant, a medallion or a ring. In terms of style, some models are worn around the neck while others, more rebellious, are expressed in the form of a long chain.

When choosing models, the forçat knit stands out for its femininity and its round shape. Timeless, this type of knit can adapt very well to any outfit. To bring out the beauty of a pendant, nothing beats the classic ball stitch. It will look great worn around the neck. Jaseron and Venetian mesh can be chosen for their aestheticism and sturdiness, they will have no problem to marry with a diamond pendant of voluminous size. If you prefer beautiful patterns, the navy, herringbone or coffee bean knitwear will not disappoint you. Note in passing that the choker for a woman corresponds to a length of about 40 cm.

What about the purity of the gold necklace?

The sturdiness and the price of a woman’s necklace depends on the alloy used for its manufacture. The purity of gold is measured by a specific unit, the “carat”, and can be verified by guarantee hallmarks affixed by jewelers. The gold 18 carats or 750 thousandths refers to an alloy of 75% pure gold and 25% of other metals, it has a guarantee mark with eagle head. The 9 carat gold is used for a gold of 375 thousandths, that is to say a composition of 37,5 % of pure gold. It has a clover as a guarantee mark. This gold content of 375 thousandths makes it possible to obtain a product offering an interesting quality-price ratio if you seek gifts of birthday, Christmas or presents for your close relations.

The gold necklace can come in several colors depending on the complexion and aspirations of the person who will wear it. The classic yellow gold necklace of 750 thousandths is obtained with a mixture of 75% pure gold with 12.5% copper and 12.5% silver. It is possible to have a redder color by removing the silver in this composition. The pink gold necklace is made from an alloy of 75% gold with 9% silver and 16% copper. Finally, the 18K white gold necklace is made with 75% pure gold and the rest with silver or palladium. Gold can also be available in other colors like purple, green or even blue depending on the alloy used.

How to choose the stone ?

Wearing a necklace is a finishing touch that adds elegance and finesse to your clothing style. This jewelrydoes not always require the use of a stone, you can choose a gold pendant or designed with other materials. Depending on the effect to be created and the reason for wearing the necklace, a wide choice of precious stones or semi-precious stones can be used to enhance it. True jewel, the necklace with diamond translates luxury and refinement. Even more poetic, sapphire is the stone of choice for sentimental people. It expresses sincerity and happiness. The ruby, with its red hue, evokes passion and love while the emerald conveys a message of hope and renewal.

Other gemstonessuch as amethyst, chrysoprase, garnet, tiger’s eye, pink opal, turquoise, quartz or grey or white moonstone can dress up your necklace or long necklace to allow you to assert your personality or to convey a sweet message. Depending on the belief, a protective power may be attributed to each stone, which makes the choice of your gem even more meaningful.

How to clean your gold necklace ?

The necklace is a particularly visible jewel and usually attracts attention. It is thus important to take care of it to preserve all its brightness and its beauty. The most famous grandmotherly tip for cleaning a gold necklace is the use of soapy water. To do this, you can prepare a mixture of hot water and natural soap in a bowl and immerse the necklace for about 30 minutes. Then simply brush it gently with a soft bristle brush and dry it gently with cotton or a clean cloth.

If it is a diamond necklace, you can use a laundry soap, a little vinegar or soda ash for cleaning. For other stones, care must be taken not to scratch the gem. In this case, the best thing to do is to use a special productor simply clean it with water at room temperature and soap, without aggressing it. Don’t hesitate to go to the jeweler’s if you have any doubts or if there are any scratches, because it can sometimes be useful to polish your jewelry to restore its shine.