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The alliance is par excellence the sentimental jewel for a couple. The ring, exchanged by the two spouses on the wedding day, represents the union of two beings and symbolizes your "yes for life". From the most classic jewel to the most original and daring model, Maison Bäumer invites you to discover its collection of customizable designer wedding rings, for women and men, which you can even make to measure in order to sublimate with a unique message. this very important day.
A symbol of eternal love and an unbreakable bond, the wedding ring is an essential piece and an exceptional gift in jewelry. The choice of alliances is an important moment in the life of the future spouses. Given on the day of the wedding and worn for life by them, a sign of a solemn commitment, Maison Bäumer supports you in choosing your wedding rings.
To begin, it is important to let your feelings and your imagination speak in order to offer the perfect gift. Also rely on your preferences in terms of colors and materials: white gold, pink gold or platinum, the wedding bands in our collections are available in different metals according to your preferences. Platinum finds more of a place in our collections and brings novelty to our engagement rings. Indeed, in many jewelry stores, platinum is preferred because it has qualitative and appreciable properties.
In a second step, you will choose the setting of your alliance: diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and other precious stones can invite themselves to the party to make the alliance of your dreams. Indeed, a diamond wedding ring is very original and brings uniqueness to the jewel with the strongest symbolic significance that you will wear throughout your life. Let speak the poetry of precious stones and colors that have a meaning and a strong symbolic meaning that personalizes the creation, to create the piece of jewelery of your life.
You will also have the possibility to choose the number of carats you want for your engagement rings or alliances. Set with a diamond or another stone, the price of the rings will be different depending on the properties and qualities of your stone but also depending on the type of metal you choose. The final price will be more different if you want to add an engraving to your ring, a personal and customizable message that will go around your finger.
Pink gold micropavé wedding ring
After the engagement, have you reached the stage where you will have to choose your wedding ring? To mark this exceptional day when you are going to commit for life, here are some criteria that will help you find the ring that will best tell your story, and the gift that will remind you of the ardor of your flame when the day comes. Out of its box, the ring is generally a simple jewel devoid of artifice. The choice of metal is thus an important point in giving it all its symbolic beauty. You have the choice between the yellow gold alliance, the white gold alliance or the pink gold alliance according to your tastes. Other materials exist, but these precious metals are the most common in addition to platinum. Thanks to the evolution of the trend, it is now even possible to choose a model of intertwined rings in a combination of yellow gold and white gold, for example.
For the choice of gold, you can opt for 18 carat or 750 thousandths gold, 9 carats or 375 thousandths gold or other alloys adapted to your budget. You should know that the number of thousandths represents the quantity of gold that makes up each alloy on a basis of 1000 thousandths. A guarantee stamp allows you to ensure the quality of the material used for your wedding ring or PACS. It is an eagle's head for 18 carat gold and a cloverleaf for 9 carat gold. In addition to the material, care must be taken to measure the size of the ring for both men and women. This measurement will define the grammage and the price of the alliance. When it comes to customizable design, templates have evolved and you can afford to be more fancy. Some jewels are entirely set with stones, which gives them a soft splendor imbued with elegance. For more originality, you can even engrave the jewel by affixing your first names, a date or a symbolic text of your relationship.
Since love is priceless, Maison Bäumer invites you to celebrate your union by choosing a wedding band from our original collections or by coming as a couple to experience the creation of your tailor-made wedding bands in our boutique at 19 Place Vendôme in Paris, so that this unforgettable day is enhanced by your charming rings and customizable boxes that will brighten up your daily life. For men, as for women, our wide choice of alliances and engagement rings will allow you to see more clearly in the selection of the rings of your life.
Wedding band 19.2 two-tone diamonds

Why opt for a personalized wedding ring ?

To make the day of your union even more special and singular, celebrate this day with custom-made wedding rings, a story that will not be told anywhere else... This personalization experience will allow you to sublimate the unique bond with being- liked but also to underline the affection that you carry to him. Jewelry is an art capable of transcribing strong emotions and translating your deepest feelings with delicacy and elegance. In this way, the tailor-made experience will allow you to create the customizable jewel of your dreams in the original adventure of novelty.
Personalization and made-to-measure also offer the possibility of shaking up certain codes of jewelery and pushing back its limits, which Lorenz Bäumer masters par excellence. By imagining new jewelry models and new wedding bands with a new setting, a new stone size, new volumes, new colors and new reflections, these unique pieces and vectors of meaning will be the perfect pieces for represent your deepest feelings. The metal and its weight as well as the caratage of the stones of your alliance will make the final price of your jewel. These elements can be adapted according to your budget to finally offer you the product of your imagination.
Because our love for jewelery is priceless, Maison Bäumer wishes to meet your expectations and requirements for your project, by offering you the jewel of your dreams made in our workshop and of unwavering quality. In order to tell the unique and singular story of your couple, have a message, a first name, a particular date engraved which will make your creative ring original and singular and which will transcribe your love story.
Your wedding ring, a symbol of sincere and eternal love, bears witness to your union and personalizes your story. In white gold or pink gold, this alliance can be set with a diamond or another precious stone on your alliance which will bring a touch of splendor, elegance and softness to it. For both men and women, these stones, which can often bring exceptional emotions in jewelry, make your jewelry original and timeless. Indeed, this unique and singular design gives a special charm to your rings as well as a soft splendor imbued with elegance. In recent years, the models have evolved allowing you to get into a little more fantasy.
In Paris, the bride and groom will be able to embark on the experience of novelty and develop their engagement rings, wedding rings or other sentimental jewelry that they will not find in any other collection of a jewelry store. Because love is priceless, Maison Bäumer Vendôme wishes to support both men and women in the creation of various jewels. All types of gold are found in our workshops to create jewelry for men and women, with an original shape, the product of your imagination, accompanied by a magnificent box.
Just like your love, the customizable wedding rings from Maison Bäumer Vendôme do not suffer from the whims of fashion and remain timeless in our collections, making wedding rings the jewel with the most symbolic significance. Indeed, with its circular and seamless shape, the wedding ring represents infinity, an eternal and passionate love shared by the two loved ones...
White gold heartbeat wedding ring

How to personalize your alliance ?

Personalized wedding ring with engraving

In stick letters or English letters, have your wedding ring engraved for a unique creation that is unique to you. Whether you are a man or a woman, enjoy the multiple possibilities of engraving by adding a touch of originality to your creations. Indeed, you have the possibility of adding an engraving on your made-to-measure alliance, your first names, a date or a symbolic text representative of your relationship, which will bring a wave of emotions and preciousness to the jewel which will symbolize your “yes for life”.

Personalized wedding band with diamond

Symbol of eternity, the diamond designer wedding ring seduces for its elegance expressed in all finesse and its brilliance worthy of the greatest flames. If the time has come for you to choose your wedding ring, do not be distracted by the wide choice of precious stones available to you, express your love with the noblest of stones. At Bäumer Vendôme, you will inevitably find the jewel that will most faithfully convey your emotions. Timeless, the diamond wedding band resists the vagaries of fashion, just as your feelings cannot be shaken by the trials of life.
Whether you like more sophisticated jewelery or more discreet ones, the Bäumer Vendôme collections are enriched every month with new items with ever stronger messages of love. Prefer half-turn diamond wedding ring if you want to bring out the finesse of the outline of your wedding ring. You will thus highlight the yellow gold, the white gold or the pink gold on which the stones are mounted. This choice also allows you to reduce the budget allocated to your alliance while its neat finish makes you forget that it is a half-turn diamond alliance. On the contrary, do you want to wear a wedding ring adorned entirely with diamonds? Full circle diamond wedding band is an excellent choice. Slightly more expensive, this model is perfectly suited for a wedding. Contrary to popular belief, the ring finger easily gets used to the presence of diamonds on the side.
Your wedding ring is a jewel that will accompany you until the end of your life. For the event to remain unforgettable, it is possible to opt for a customizable model, carrying a unique message. If you want to be original, have a text engraved that makes sense for your couple. You can also add a date or your first names so that your diamond ring be more authentic. With an engravable ring, you have the possibility to vary the text as much as the font or the size of the writing. Of course, this personalization work entrusted to the jeweler will represent an additional cost, but it allows you to obtain a unique jewel for this exceptional event that you are about to celebrate.
Alchemy Alliance

Personalized gold wedding band

A pink, yellow or white gold wedding band is the ideal metal to hold a diamond. Depending on your budget, you can choose between 18 carat fine gold, also known as 750 thousandths gold, or 9 carat gold, also known as 375 thousandths gold. This denomination comes from the quantity of gold used for 1000 units of the metal. This precision avoids confusion and makes it possible to know exactly the share of gold in the alloy used to make the alliance.
If the choice of material is essential, that of the diamond is just as important. Thanks to the 4C rule, you have a clear criterion to select the stone that suits you. These are mainly the carat, the clarity, the color and the size or "cut" that is to say the quality of the cut. At Bäumer Vendôme, you can easily access different models of diamond wedding rings that are both discreet and refined. Some are accompanied by several 0.25 carat G/SI quality round diamonds, real luxury jewelry to symbolize your love.
Gold rings have had a reputation for nobility for centuries. Indeed, the different characteristics that define a gold jewel are highly coveted. But what are the reasons for the prodigious success of gold jewelry? First of all, its availability in different colors: pink, yellow or white, the three shades offering a varied and much appreciated aesthetic aspect. Then, gold is a stainless material: its shine lasts infinitely without ever tarnishing, its shine will always be the same despite the traces of time. This is a material that never rusts. Gold is also a malleable metal: this means that it can be easily manipulated, so it can be used to make models with very complex shapes.
The shape of wedding rings is a big concern. Inside, you have the choice between a flat, curved, rounded or angular surface. Domed, it is even more comfortable. The advantage of an engraving inside is that it is not visible to everyone and remains a "secret": we know that there is a promise of love hidden with the names and the date in general. Whichever material you choose, what ultimately matters is the symbol of your loyalty and the engraving.


















































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