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nebuleuse black magic earrings

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The Black Magic Nébuleuse Earrings combine surprising and audacious colors to a delicate black lacquer in a magic, colourful tourbillon. Two magnificient green beryls can be added or taken off with a discreet clip in order to fit your moods. The interpretation of movement in this creation shows the precision and creativity of the craftsmen of Maison Bäumer. A unique jewel.

Earrings in white gold with black rhodium set with green beryls and aquamarines and paved with blue sapphires and pink, purple and orange sapphires.

White gold with black rhodium 31 g
Green beryls 47.74 cts
Aquamarines 5.20cts
Blue sapphires 0.36 ct
Pink sapphires 0.66 ct
Purple sapphires 0.07 ct
Orange sapphires 0.28 ct
Black lacquer

Price on request

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