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The uniqueness of Maison Bäumer and its expertise in the field of made-to-measure products gives shape to your wildest dreams, celebrating life’s precious moments.


The design by Lorenz Bäumer plays with volumes and colors to translate your desires into a unique creation.
This first step is a privileged moment of sharing between the creator and the customers.


The choice of stones is a moment of emotion where the precious brilliance of a gem invokes an exceptional jewel.

Exceptional and atypical stones have always been a source of inspiration for Lorenz Bäumer They have been the basis of the company’s creations for many years.


The gouache, a realistic reflection of the jewel to come, is an essential step in the creation of custom-made jewellery.
It highlights the association of design, stones and colors, for a subtle and artistic rendering.


The 3D modeling of the jewel is the fourth step in the creation process. This realization allows the workshops a perfect understanding of the technical design issues and allows customers to realize their request before its manufacture.


Bäumer works with workshops that each have their own expertise: jewellers, diamond cutters, lapidaries, setters and polishers who ensure that Bäumer’s creations achieve perfect results.

Upon its return to 19 place Vendôme, your creation will be given to you in its box, for an unforgettable and personalized experience.

For Lorenz Bäumer, design has no limits. We would be delighted to work with you to create the jewel of your dreams and translate them into a unique creation.

The House of Bäumer is constantly challenging the codes of jewellery, creating and being inspired by the ever more original desires of its customers.

+33 1 42 86 99 33

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