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We Care

Surfing has always been one of Lorenz Bäumer’s passions; in 2003 he discovered the island of Sumba in Indonesia. Beyond the splendid landscapes, he was immediately attracted by the smiles of the children who welcomed him. These radiant faces, despite the difficult living conditions, never left him.

According to Lorenz Bäumer, “Every child, wherever he or she lives, represents the future of our planet, and they all deserve to grow up in the best possible conditions to be actors of tomorrow’s world”. It is a cause that affects him personally as a global citizen but also as a father. He therefore wanted to make a commitment to the future of children by accompanying them in their school careers.

Thanks to close cooperation with the Sumba Foundation whose main mission is to make life easier for the Indonesians on the island of Sumba, while respecting their culture and traditions, Maison Bäumer supports access to education for the island’s children.

Inspired by Sumba’s cultural heritage: their sculptures, the pictures on their houses but also the weaving of their baskets, Lorenz Bäumer has designed a unique collection of silver pendants. The jewellery is made in the villages thanks to ancestral know-how.

One pendant sold makes it possible to accompany seven children with their school supplies for a year. Since the beginning of this project, Maison Bäumer has been supporting more than 20,000 children in cooperation with the Sumba Foundation.

If you would like to support the Sumba Foundation, please visit sumbafoundation.org