The origin of organic stones

Organic stones are all gems that are not derived from
mineral materials, but indeed from the living. Stones classified as
"organic" come either from plants or animals. For example, amber
is formed from fossilized wood resin after millions
of years. Mother-of-pearl comes from the shell of certain species of molluscs, while coral is made up of a limestone secretion constituting the framework of marine polyparies.

Organic stones are generally more brittle and fragile than stones
precious and semi-precious, because on the Mohs scale, namely the
device for estimating the hardness of stones, most of them
found between 1 to 4 out of 10.



The different organic stones

Amber, copal, jet and mellite are organic stones derived from plants,
namely of wood or wood resin, the resin being a liquid secreted by
trees ; in general they are conifers like pine. Fossilized after
millions of years, it ends up forming a solid matter, similar to the
rock. Amber stones are available from yellow to brown, passing through
orange. The rarest colors of amber are green amber and amber
blue, much sought after due to inclusions of pyrite and insects.

The coral, pearls and mother-of-pearl used in jewelry are creations of the
animal kingdom, and in particular the marine environment. Mother-of-pearl is characterized by its
multiple iridescent reflections and its pale colors, and is an integral part of the
shell of some molluscs. The process of its manufacture is called organic
mineralization: from living elements, the mollusc produces a mineral,
and this throughout its existence. As for the coral, it is actually a
animal in its own right, whose skeleton is largely composed of
limestone. Its skeleton is the part used in jewelry making,
especially red coral.

The organic stones used by the Bäumer house

The Pearl

The pearl is a calcareous concretion, generally white in color, made
by certain molluscs, mainly pearl oysters. When an object
irritant gets inside the shell, the animal reacts by surrounding
covered with a layer of aragonite or calcite, which forms nacre. THE
beads have been used to make jewelry since ancient times. They
were poetically called Aphrodite's tears. There are four
categories of pearls: natural pearls (very rare), pearls of
culture, compound pearls, imitation pearls. To this are added the
two categories of fresh water or sea water.


Mother of pearl is composed of organelle aragonite crystals bound by a protein
called conchiolin. It is when an irritating foreign element enters the
shell of these molluscs, which these also secrete nacre layers
after layers all around, in order to protect against it, thus forming one or
several pearls. Mother-of-pearl is often used for fashioning jewelry
such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces. This material from
of shells is renowned for its silvery color and iridescent reflections, but
also for its quality and its mineral aspect.

Many are lovers of this material
silver-colored organic material from live seashells when
the elaboration of their varied jewelry, such as rings, earrings,
bracelets and necklaces. Thus, some even prefer mother-of-pearl from a
living shell with stones, a more classic option. Its iridescent appearance
is reminiscent of the brilliance of an agate stone, but its quality
resides above all in its properties and in its technical origin from a
shell full of life which, in fact, is fascinating.

Our collection of organic stone jewelry

At Bäumer Vendôme, the mother-of-pearl used in the making of our jewelery is
best quality. Used as a main or secondary stone, the
mother-of-pearl compliments the most original jewelry creations of the
place Vendôme, such as the Ombre & Lumière Masque earrings,
but also the Enchanted Garden Water Lily Earrings.

Ombre & Lumière Masque earrings: white gold earrings,
white diamonds and white mother-of-pearl.

Enchanted Garden Water Lily earrings: earrings
earrings in white gold and lacquer set with green tourmalines, pink opal,
chalcedony, mother-of-pearl and paved with white diamonds.

At Bäumer Vendôme, we are particularly fond of freshwater pearls,
the purest and most prized white color, but also Tahitian pearls, grayed
and iridescent. Symbols of purity and affection, the 19th place jeweler
Vendôme, Lorenz Bäumer, likes to create real jewelry feats adorned
beautiful pearls. Adorning in particular the Pearl Rosary and the Pearl Necklace
3 rows, these magnificent marine treasures embellish creations
ingenious designs by Lorenz Bäumer, for everyone's viewing pleasure.

Pearl Rosary necklace: necklace in pink gold, Tahitian pearls and freshwater pearls.

Pearls 3 rows necklace: three rows necklace in pink gold and water pearls
sweet, set with white diamonds.

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