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Bracelets of the Maison Bäumer

Chain bracelets, rigid bracelets or cuffs, Bäumer Vendôme creates bracelets that wrap around the wrists with elegance and delicacy. All gold or paved with diamonds, the light animates Bäumer bracelets.

Bäumer Vendôme bracelets


Our bracelet collection

Discover the selection of bracelets from Bäumer Vendôme. Combining know-how, fantasy and insolence, Lorenz Bäumer reinvents bracelets.

Which strap for which style?

Bracelets are style essentials. In Maison Bäumer, the bracelet is declined in all its forms: bangle, mesh, cord, bracelet; and in all colors: white, yellow, pink, black, red or blue. Each piece of jewelry offers complete ranges for all styles, bringing sobriety and elegance. The bracelet is also one of the centerpieces of Haute Joaillerie in Maison Bäumer. For example, the new Gourmandise Automne features an autumn garden, with stone fruits: you can see citrines or even smoky quartz, cut in the shape of pearls. The High Jewelry bracelets from Maison Bäumer offer a chic and original style.

Autumn Gourmet Bracelet

Which bracelet for my type of wrist?

The different types of bracelets adapt to the size of the wrist. For a thin wrist, it is advisable to favor jewelry that is also thin. The essentials of Maison Bäumer correspond perfectly because we offer fine gold links, elegant and feminine bangles and cords (grey, black, navy blue, red, white). The Pense à Moi or Battement de Cœur women's collection, for example, comes in all shapes and sizes for all wrists.

Think of Me Diamond Bangle Think of Me Diamond Chain Think of Me Red Cord
Conversely, for a stronger arm, it is sometimes preferable to choose a thicker item, such as the titanium models from Maison Bäumer Vendôme.

What bracelet to give to a man?

For men, the bangle is a must. Its thickness brings a touch of virility to the jewel while offering a large surface of shine. The bangle in light metal such as silver or in white gold goes perfectly with a masculine style that appeals to women. The silver bangle bracelet will be at a lower price. A chained bracelet in large or medium curb-type links can also be very popular. And finally, for a more casual and light style, a black or red cord is perfect. Indeed, the dark and discreet shades are worn very well at work and at home, go perfectly with all outfits, both casual and dressy. Some stones are also highly valued. The essentials are tiger's eye, lapis lazuli, which can be found in the form of beads or in plates, and can be purchased at more reasonable prices. The black pearl is also a rare and extremely popular mineral in men's jewelry and offers elegance and mystery. At Bäumer Vendôme, the men's collection offers many jewels to discover, as well as accessories that will match perfectly, such as brooches , tie picks, watches, or even cufflinks .

Photo of raw and polished tiger eye

How do I clean my bracelet?

There are multiple ways to clean it, depending on the material of it. In the majority of cases, cleaning care must be carried out with care. These can be done in a jewelry store (polishing, rhodium plating), but a few simple techniques will allow you to clean your jewelry directly at home.

To clean the yellow gold and restore its full shine, it is possible to wash it with simple, low-cost products:

- water with Marseille soap for all types of metal

- toothpaste, leaving to dry then rinsing with warm water between the meshes

- water and baking soda

- white vinegar or a little dishwashing liquid in lukewarm water

As with silver, there are also special wipes that can be purchased directly from any jeweler.

For white and pink gold, it is important to clean them more delicately to preserve their color. Their maintenance therefore requires more care: we recommend soaking the gold part in a bowl of warm soapy water for 1 to 2 minutes maximum; then wipe it with a clean, soft cloth. This gentler and more careful treatment will preserve all the shine of the gold. It is also advisable to redo a new rhodium plating every 1 or 2 years to preserve the whiteness of the gold.

For a chain bracelet, it is advisable to gently clean the space between each link with a soft toothbrush to remove each small plaque of deposits.

For a fabric or leather strap, it is best to avoid prolonged contact with water so that it does not retain moisture. It is important to dry the fabric thoroughly after cleaning. Indeed, if humidity develops, the fabric will be more fragile and bacteria can easily develop there. A leather strap can be stained or weakened following contact with water or alcohol.

Finally, for jewelery adorned with stones such as tiger's eye, opal, or even with pearls, it is important to take special precautions: hot water can damage the minerals, or too prolonged contact with the water. It is also advisable not to use too greasy soap which will attack the chemical composition of certain minerals.

Which material should I choose for my bracelet?

Gold offers the jewel a great longevity and a superb shine. Yellow gold is the most resistant to chemicals, like white and rose gold. Nevertheless, with the proper precautions and maintenance, these last two are choices offering a unique shine and an original mesh.

The fabric or leather strap offers great lightness. Its price is also lower. Although this material is less resistant, its ease offers the possibility of changing color as desired for a constant touch of novelty.

You can also find in each Bäumer bracelet essential materials to be up to date, such as a titanium or blackened gold collection. Titanium offers great resistance and lightness, and by its chemical properties, it has great color possibilities (blue, orange, gray, red). It is also used in beads, or in the form of plate or mesh. The titanium links offer a unique aspect to the metal bracelet. Sterling silver is a lower priced alternative to gold. This can provide a nice shine but tends to oxidize easily. Its lower preciousness makes it less easy to associate with expensive crystals such as ruby ​​or sapphire. Conversely, silver is found in mesh or rush and goes well in plate with leather, or even with pearls.

Finally, the choice of the stone adorning the bracelet is one of the crucial steps. On a small bracelet, discreet stones such as small diamonds or a pearl are very chic and an excellent choice. For larger pieces, a beautiful stone can go perfectly with the whole jewel and come to sublimate the person who wears it. A large aquamarine like in the Black Magic Supernova model brings a superb touch of originality and sublimates a woman's outfit.

See: Women's Bracelet New Black Magic Supernova

How to properly store the bracelets?

To store them properly, it is necessary to take into account the way the bracelet is made so as not to damage its mesh or twist the metal. For this, the best is to attach them to a cylindrical support taking the shape of your wrist. This can be in the open air but the ideal is a closed box sheltered from the sun, with if possible a chamois to protect the gold and the minerals. It is also advisable to avoid metal supports. Indeed, these can scratch your jewelry pieces. So be sure to always choose supports in velvet, skins or soft fabrics to preserve the condition of your precious metals and not to tangle the mesh. Pearls require essential attention because they are more fragile.

A bracelet for women as a gift

The bracelet is an ideal gift for a woman. It blends perfectly with all styles and is easily adjustable. Indeed, it is easy to remove links to shrink it and those in fabric are adjustable. Unlike the necklace, it is easy to wear several, creating endless combinations of choice and novelty. A simple design (one bead, one heart) is sometimes very effective and more reasonably priced. Chained heartbeat or lovebird patterns are smart choices for a gift to a woman. Their sobriety and elegance are very popular and easily match all outfits and all seasons. They can also be associated with earrings , rings or necklaces from the same collections, and therefore come to create a whole assortment.

Among the Maison Bäumer essentials, find the new Inséparables Eden Rock, available in red cord or knit.