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Necklaces and pendants of the Maison Bäumer

In pink gold or white gold, Maison Bäumer necklaces creatively express powerful messages: Morse code, heartbeat, inseparable and delicate knots, the shapes are revealed by sublimating the neckline.

Bäumer Vendôme necklaces and pendants


The luxury necklace is an essential jewelry creation. Indeed, necklaces are highly appreciated jewels by women and masterpieces in jewellery. This adornment is one of the most symbolic since it is the jewel worn closest to the heart. As much the choice of the chain as that of the pendant must not be made at random so that it takes on its full meaning. Whether it is to display a status, a membership, an identity, express a feeling or recall a memory, the necklace is the ideal jewel. Fashion accessory that highlights the bust and the neck, it brings a particular cachet to your outfit, to match with a pair of earrings or a bracelet.


Maison Bäumer offers a large collection of luxury necklaces in its boutique at 19 Place Vendôme or on our website. Elaborated with noble materials thus making all the quality of these exceptional adornments, the necklaces are generally accompanied by a pendant set with precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, tourmalines, citrines and other stones which make the charm and the singularity of a jewel.

These noble materials make these necklaces timeless creations that will match all your outfits. The House believes that details are important in any Lorenz Bäumer creation. Our necklaces, developed in the workshop by craftsmen with excellent know-how, benefit from an exceptional and irreproachable quality making our luxury necklaces, an adornment worthy of the jewelers of Place Vendôme.

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Synonymous with finesse and elegance, the House offers a wide choice of necklaces and pendants of different sizes. Long necklaces, chokers or simple necklaces, chained or mesh, in white gold or pink gold, different models will be offered to you as well as original motifs or authentic pendants. Pay attention to many details to choose the right piece for you, depending on the price you can afford. Maison Bäumer supports you in this choice, through its collections and its different models of jewelry, witnesses of our exceptional know-how in France.

Discreet, but elegant, this jewel must be in harmony with the style and morphology of the woman. We advise you to turn to the mesh. Indeed, in addition to its aesthetic side, it must be selected according to the desired use. A necklace worn every day is indeed different from a chain accompanying your evening wear. In addition, the shape of the mesh authorizes or not the wearing of a pendant, a medallion or a ring. For example, timeless, the convict knit stands out for its femininity and its rounded shape. In this way, it can adapt to all your outfits.

Jaseron and Venetian links can be chosen for their aesthetics and their robustness, they will have no difficulty in marrying a voluminous diamond pendant. If you prefer beautiful patterns, the navy knit, the spiky one or the coffee bean one are not likely to disappoint you.

In terms of style, some models are worn close to the neck while others, more rebellious, are expressed in the form of a long chain. You can then have your necklace crimped with a pendant from our collections or made to measure, according to your wishes. Indeed, the house offers you a wide choice of materials and precious stones to create the pendant of your dreams according to the price that suits you: diamonds, rubies, emeralds, tourmalines, engravings and other stones marry together to achieve the pendant that suits you, a unique piece that you will not find anywhere else.

Jewelry is an art that allows you to transcribe your desires, emotions, and feelings into a unique and essential piece of jewelry. Appreciate the many facets of jewelry by embarking on the experience of creating the necklace of your dreams thanks to the tailor-made that Maison Bäumer would be delighted to make you experience. Bespoke jewelry is the product of your imagination and the story you want to tell. Lorenz Bäumer accompanies you in the development of the necklace of your dreams. We will adapt your creation according to the price you wish to put in the manufacture of the latter: white gold, pink gold or other metal will be offered to you but also pearls, diamonds and other precious stones of the weight and number of carats that you wish. At the heart of the manufacturing process, you will realize how important the realization of a custom-made necklace is, the perfect gift to offer to the woman in your life.

Tell a special story in a pendant and a jewel that represents you and that will not be found anywhere else...

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In the world of luxury and jewelry, every detail counts. This is why you will have to take into account many details such as the robustness and the quality of the collar which will necessarily influence the final price of your piece. First of all, the alloy used for its manufacture will alter the price. The purity of gold is measured by a specific unit, the "carat", and can be verified by guarantee hallmarks affixed by jewelers. 18 carat or 750 thousandths gold designates an alloy of 75% pure gold and 25% other metals, it has an eagle's head guarantee hallmark. 9 carat gold is used for 375 thousandths gold, that is to say a composition of 37.5% pure gold. This gold content of 375 thousandths makes it possible to obtain a product offering an interesting quality-price ratio if you are looking for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts or presents for your loved ones.

After considering the alloy you want for your luxury necklace, pay attention to the style of your piece: will you prefer a choker necklace or rather a long necklace? You will have to pay particular attention to the mesh used for this necklace which will sublimate your wardrobe. Finally, one of the most important details will be the pendant with the precious stones with which it will be set. The brilliant diamond is generally the precious stone mainly chosen for a necklace, a long necklace, a ring, a pair of earrings or any other jewel because the brilliance of this diamond necessarily enhances your appearance. Let your love speak, your emotions as well as the poetic and intoxicating power of precious stones to enhance your everyday outfits.

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Ombre & Lumière Végétal necklace and its pendant in white and black diamonds.


It has always been advisable to structure your outfit with accessories in order to highlight the morphology as well as the complexion of women. Indeed, the details are not to be overlooked! It is necessary to take into consideration the type of collar you want to wear: V-neck or turtleneck, it is necessary to match your collar with your top in order to make it stand out.

Indeed, the type of collar you wear necessarily defines the style of collar to choose to accompany your outfit. If you wear a round, shirt or boat neck, do not hesitate to turn to a choice of rather imposing necklace with an imposing pendant which will stand out more with the large surface of fabric offered by the collar: in these cases, a large size necklace such as a long necklace can be chosen.

If you wear a V-neck or rather indented, we advise you to opt for a more discreet pendant because the thin chains will bring a more delicate, feminine and refined side to your outfit. You can even give a much less imposing and finer pendant, such as a small brilliant diamond or a specific stone, in order to dress your collar in a chic and elegant way.

In order to stay in perfect harmony, if you want to accessorize your outfit, you can also match your necklace to a pair of earrings or a bracelet. However, we advise you to do so if your pieces remain simple, fine and refined. If you're wearing a showy piece, like big, showy earrings, keep it simple and stick with a thin pendant with a thin chain around your neck. Conversely, if you wear an imposing and showy necklace, opt for discreet earrings instead.

Obviously, there are also essentials that must be combined, such as the pearl necklace to be associated with pearl earrings that will bring elegance and finesse to chic outfits, especially if you wear warm colors.

The House also advises you to leave room for your imagination by letting your desires express themselves in order to sublimate your everyday outfits with a jewel from Maison Bäumer. You can come and try models of necklaces for women, chained or in mesh, in the size you want, with or without a brilliant diamond, directly at the heart of our shop.

How to wear your luxury necklace?

Luxury necklaces are by definition, often imposing jewels and have a higher weight than more discreet necklaces. Indeed, they have many details and are sometimes set with the most beautiful precious stones such as white diamonds, emeralds, sapphires or rubies, especially on the pendants. Luxury necklaces sublimate a woman's cleavage and are generally very popular with them. In white gold or pink gold, your luxury necklace will go perfectly with a dressy outfit.

If you are dressed in black, prefer white gold because the color of this alloy will stand out more easily. Pink gold can also be considered but match it with the rest of your jewelry.


For example, the necklace from the ombre & Lumière collection is paved with white diamonds and black diamonds, a real contrast and play of light whose colors blend perfectly with a dressy outfit. This one-of-a-kind model goes perfectly with each of your jewels and is a shiny and sparkling necklace bringing elegance and refinement to your outfits.

If you want to wear an imposing luxury necklace, with important details and numerous precious stones (diamond, ruby…), opt for a more discreet look. On the other hand, if the colors of your outfit are more discreet and less flamboyant, you can match your outfit with a luxury necklace of a larger size, an elegant way to sublimate yourself.

Our different models of luxury necklaces

In our different collections, we have many models of necklaces and pendants in different styles. White or pink gold, long necklaces or choker necklaces, chain necklaces or pearl necklaces, our luxury collies exist in different shapes and sizes and are the product of exceptional work in the workshop. Some models of our necklaces are to be found in the heart of our shop, others are to be created alongside Lorenz Bäumer, a unique piece that suits you created during the tailor-made adventure.