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Earrings of the Maison Bäumer

The Jewelry and High Jewelry earrings from Maison Bäumer will surprise with their delicacy. Creative and subtle, these colorful or diamond creations will delight you.

For the jeweler, it is a question of marrying a line of diamonds or a row of stones, a lock of hair or a rounded face. He plays with shapes: studs, hoop earrings, pendants, each jewelry earring has the sole purpose of highlighting, bringing elegance and femininity, day and night.

Bäumer Vendôme earrings

The Maison's earrings

Discover the selection of earrings from Bäumer Vendôme. Combining know-how, fantasy and insolence, Lorenz Bäumer reinvents earrings.

What types of earrings should I choose?

Earrings are an essential accessory greatly appreciated by both women and men. Classic, whimsical or original, the earrings sublimate the face by marrying its curves. Dangling, studs, buttons or hoops, earrings come in different shapes, to be worn daily or for a special event. Discover Maison Bäumer 's adornments, adorned with diamonds and other precious stones , with original designs that will delight both women and men...


The essential loop revisited

Appreciating to sublimate women, Lorenz Bäumer likes to shake up the traditional codes of jewelry. He enjoys playing with shapes by imagining new models, each more original than the next: creoles, chips, pendants or buttons, each earring has the sole purpose of highlighting the wearer, bringing finesse and elegance, day and night.

Hoop earrings, round and imposing, are trendy and timeless jewelry, especially for a woman. These creations, worn on all occasions and in all seasons, enhance an elegant and feminine look. Delicate and slightly curved, the hoop earrings light up the face of the wearer. Timeless, these earrings represent femininity and are both modern and original.

Available in white gold and pink gold, Maison Bäumer offers you different types of hoop earrings that can be set with the stones you want: diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, pearls, rubies, colored stones, or other precious stones, the creations are available in various House collections, from the most modern to the most original.

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Curls for all faces


A dangling earring, usually worn by women, was very popular in ancient history and is still popular today. Voluminous and elegant, they bring femininity and delicacy to your face and enhance your outfit.

These jewels, generally set with precious stones along the entire length of the earring, refine the face while illuminating it. Generally worn on special occasions for their exceptional design, dangling earrings are the creations to be favored on special occasions such as weddings, celebrations or during any other special event.


In white gold or pink gold, set with diamonds or other precious stones, Maison Bäumer's dangling earrings will delight you by telling an original and particular story, emotions to be transmitted in a jewel that will enhance you.

Can be discreet and traditional or more original, the dangling earrings, very appreciated by a woman and existing in different cuts and shapes, from a longer and classic pendant to a more original, singular and complex design. No matter the pattern or the length of the earring, these models will bring sophistication and elegance to your appearance.

For example, dangling earrings set with pearls and white diamonds bring elegance and refinement to a woman by lengthening and illuminating her face.

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The little extra touch of elegance


For several years, earrings have been trendy earrings, especially for women. Being able to stick entirely on the earlobe, the ear chip is discreet and illuminates the face.

Set with a diamond or another stone, stud earrings are undoubtedly the accessories that reflect elegance, refinement and discretion at the same time. Indeed, easy to wear and to match your outfit, the studs are subtly and delicately attached to the ear, making them a real beauty asset. Of different sizes ranging from the simple "ear chip" to a "button" earring, these earrings can go to both women and men wishing to break the traditional codes of fashion.

The color of the metal and the association of stones and precious materials for this jewel are an essential element. In pink gold, white gold, yellow gold or another color, stud earrings are the sign of a

For example, earrings in black rhodium-plated white gold set with a diamond bring a rock and feminine style, pushing back the traditional codes of jewelry. More traditional white gold or rose gold earrings will discreetly illuminate your face.

Clean, original, refined and worked, the stud earrings correspond to all expectations, in different colors and different types of materials. Associated with a bracelet, a necklace, a ring or any other piece of jewellery, the stud earrings will be even more highlighted by coming in different forms.

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How to properly match your earrings to your outfits?

The success of your look and your appearance depends on the choice of your accessories that will accompany your outfit and illuminate your face. These must be adapted to the appearance you want to create but also to the event for which you are wearing these accessories.

Indeed, for a clean and everyday look, favor small jewelery while for special occasions, jewelery or fine jewelery will be preferred for an exceptional look.

The choice of earrings is certainly the most important accessory choice. Generally worn in pairs, they can also be worn individually with single earrings or two different models for a more rock and feminine look. Specially designed for women, men can also adopt a rock and glamorous style by having an earring placed on the pavilion of the ear.

For a successful appearance, the size and shape of the earrings you choose should match your face shape and the color should match your outfit. For example :

  • If you have a round face, it is advisable to wear dangling earrings with an elongated and angular shape to refine your face by giving it luminosity and a touch of delicacy.
  • If you have an oval face, dangling earrings can also be a good option unless your face is too elongated, but this face shape adapts to all earrings: studs, buttons, hoops, etc. .
  • If you have a square or rectangular face, rounded earrings such as hoops are perfect because they will soften your facial features with a touch of delicacy.

The earrings can also be adapted according to the different events for which you wish to wear them. For example, ear studs will go as well during events as for everyday wear, just like button earrings which will still be preferred when wearing summer or lighter clothing because these jewels are more voluptuous. Minimalist and glamorous, stud earrings will always have their effect and will add elegance and finesse to your appearance.

Dangling earrings will be preferred during specific events or celebrations such as a wedding, a baptism or any other evening because they bring elegance and refinement to an outfit, especially with a long black dress or white. Also, if you have your hair tied back, revealing your ears, do not hesitate to favor this type of earring which will stand out more and accentuate the elegance of your outfit, just like the hoop earrings.


Where and how should the earrings be stored?


Earrings should be cleaned regularly and should be stored in a box provided for this purpose, preferably on a velvet base. Indeed, it is necessary to avoid scratching or damaging the stones that can be set on your earrings such as diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, pearls, rubies or any other precious stone.

Also, never forget that there is nothing worse than a stone to damage another stone, especially a diamond. Therefore, you must pay particular attention not to rub or knock the earrings together.

How to store your earrings


Like any other precious jewel, such as a bracelet , a necklace , a brooch or a ring , the earrings must be stored in a jewelry box, hidden in a chest, on a velvet base for the reasons mentioned above. .

You can also opt for the pillbox solution for small pairs of earrings such as stud or single earrings, which will add a touch of whimsy.

Pay particular attention not to scratch the stones or damage the metal of your earrings, especially when cleaning your earrings.


How to properly clean your earrings?


Caring for your pair of favorite gold earrings does not present any particular difficulty. Cleaning can be done very well with soap and water. You can also opt for a cleaning product specially designed for this purpose. Whatever the brand, size and model of your jewellery, no chemicals should be used as they risk altering its shine. If it is encrusted with an oval stone or another shape and these become tarnished, entrust its cleaning to a specialist in the world of jewelry. After cleaning, the gold jewel must regain its initial shine. To ensure that the jewel is again in top form after a quality maintenance, you can place it on the table inside a case and enjoy it as if it were still on its display.

You need to pay special attention when cleaning a diamond. Indeed, you must take care of this precious stone. You can also use lemon to disinfect them but avoid alcohol which could reach the alloy of your jewelry.

If you want to avoid any difficulty when cleaning your jewel, you can also entrust it to a professional in the trade who will clean your jewel so that you get it back as new.