Black rhodium-plated white gold earrings, set with gray spinels, rhodolites, amethysts, spinels, green tourmalines, iolites, pink tourmalines and peridots
Black rhodium-plated white gold 12 g Gray spinels 7.48 cts Orange red spinels 8.11 cts Pink tourmalines 1.75 ct Green tourmalines 4.09 cts Rhodolite 2.42 cts Iolites 2.39 cts Amethysts 2.66 cts Peridots 1.27 ct
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À la Folie Velvet earrings

Associated in a bouquet of colored petals, the À la Folie Velvet earrings are a symbol of delicate love. The two sublime gray spinels in their center bring modernity and light. The delicacy of its mounting on black gold makes it a jewel representing the know-how of the craftsmen of Maison Bäumer.

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