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High jewelry bracelets from Maison Bäumer, a journey to the heart of excellence...


High Jewelery Bracelet - Bäumer Vendôme

The high jewelry bracelet combines luxury and elegance

The bracelet is an essential accessory in jewelry. This timeless luxury piece of jewelery is ideal for all occasions and adds a touch of suitability to all circumstances and brings elegance and sophistication to your stylish appearance. In pink gold or white gold, with or without diamonds, the different models of high jewelry bracelets from Maison Bäumer Vendôme dress the wrist in a chic and refined way.

High jewelry bracelets: unique creations

Combining noble materials and superior quality, the high jewelry bracelets of Place Vendôme are the fruit of a unique and singular know-how making these creations, exceptional pieces. In pink gold or white gold, Maison Bäumer's fine jewelry bracelets have a unique and avant-garde style imagined by their creator, Lorenz Bäumer.

Lorenz Bäumer likes to create and continually shake up the traditional codes of jewelry. At 19 Place Vendôme, he imagines, draws and createscreated by mixing different materials, different stones, ranging from fine stones to precious stones. Created with the expert know-how of Ourour craftsmen jewelers, we offer a wide choice in our collection of high jewelry bracelets, offering exemplary quality and a varied choice.

Exceptional materials for exceptional jewelry

In pink or white gold, the bracelets are set with fine and precious stones. High jewelry bracelets can afford a few fantasies by highlighting stones of a larger size than classic bracelets. For example, the Black Magic or Architecte collections play on volumes and colors by offering ever more original bracelets set with the most beautiful stones such as sapphires, diamonds, rubies, tourmalines, tanzanites, citrines, etc.

Black gold is also a metal that the House uses in its fine jewelry creations because it brings elegance, refinement and uniqueness to a creation. The precious stones, in particular the diamond, are chosen for their exceptional qualities in order to offer you the most beautiful creations as possible.

High jewelry bracelets: audacity and design

Imposing, high jewelry bracelets are exceptional creations that combine audacity and design. Imagined by a designer with an overflowing imagination, the bracelets offer surprising and daring shapes and combine noble materials in an exceptional way, a real journey to the heart of French fine jewelry.

Adept at novelty, make a tailor-made piece of high jewelry to create the model with the patterns that you will appreciate.

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How to choose a high jewelry bracelet?

A high jewelry bracelet is par excellence, a unique and precious piece, of great symbolic and monetary value. Therefore, to choose your high jewelry bracelet, keep in mind that the latter has the sole objective of It is a jewel designed to sublimate your evening outfits for a ceremony or any other special occasion.

Design and styling

The design and style of a fine jewelry bracelet simply depends on your preferences. Indeed, much more than a simple piece of jewelry, a high jewelry bracelet is similar to a work of art and must therefore be carefully chosen for its aesthetic beauty. Therefore, the design and style of this type of bracelet is unique and singular.

Our House offers you different models of jewellery: chain, cord or bangle bracelets are jewels full of details that will sublimate the wrist of the wearer.
The color of the cord bracelet is infinitely customizable, making this jewel a unisex model that will suit both women and men.

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The quality criteria to take into account

The quality criterion is a major element within our House. Indeed, we want to offer you the best of fine jewelry with exceptional stones and noble materials. Therefore, pay particular attention to the center stones set on your bracelets, generally of a high size and number of carats and to the qualities of the stone notified on its GIA certificate.

For example, for a diamond, take into account the size, color, clarity but also the cut of your diamond (princess, pear, round, etc.) which will influence the final price of your final jewel.

If you are unable to find a model of bracelet that you like, and you are looking for something new, you can make your jewelry custom-made. Just like rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants or other jewelry, you will have the opportunity to choose the patterns, materials and details that you like. For example, create a vintage or more classic bracelet model, in titanium or gold with colored stones according to your preferences, a unique way to have the creation of your dreams.

The high jewelry bracelet: an exceptional gift

A high jewelry bracelet is the ideal gift. Indeed, this one sublimates the wrist and the outfits. Just like the rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants or other jewels in our collections, the bracelets, in pink gold or white gold, can be set with diamonds or other stones in the number of carats you want depending on the price at which you can afford this jewel.

Offer a high jewelry bracelet: an unforgettable proof of love

The bracelet is a unique proof of love. Indeed, it seduces most often by its originality and its incomparable style. The bracelet is generally less worn on a daily basis than necklaces, rings, or earrings. Offering a high jewelry bracelet is therefore a unique gift, especially when it is made to measure, paved with precious stones and colors, but also when it is filled with details that are dear to you.

The high jewelry bracelet: a luxurious gift for all occasions

Maison Bäumer's high jewelry bracelets are real feats of design and jewelry. Indeed, these combine the most beautiful precious stones, rare metals of great rarity, and exceptional know-how, for a unique creation. This luxurious gift will sublimate every outfit, both classic and original.

The writing bracelet from the titanium collection is a perfect example of a luxurious gift. Indeed, made of titanium and set with an engraved amethyst of 53 carats and paved with white diamonds of 2.3 carats, this model is an exceptional jewelry creation. For men, as for women, titanium is a noble material whose price can vary depending on the stones with which it is paved.

Within the titanium collection, the rings and earrings set with colored stones, paved with diamonds and featuring a multitude of details are exceptional jewelry models that will appeal to both men and women.