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High Jewelery Necklaces, Pendants and Brooches from Maison Bäumer, a journey to the heart of excellence...


High Jewelery necklaces from Bäumer Vendôme

Discover our collection of necklaces

Necklaces are essential jewelry and centerpieces in jewelry. They adorn your neck and immediately attract attention. In pink gold or white gold, Maison Bäumer necklaces express powerful messages. These essential accessories that sublimate your outfit can have different styles for different occasions: some are more chic and distinguished while others will be used more for everyday wear.

Necklaces, chokers, long necklaces and pendants, Maison Bäumer has many models in its multiple collections. If you want to bring an extra touch of originality to your necklace, you can adorn it with a pendant, made to measure or not. Pendants are major elements on a necklace: they sublimate the necklace and bring poetry and sparkle to it which will not go unnoticed.

The characteristics of our necklaces and pendants

The necklace is a popular accessory for women because it highlights their necks. Maison Bäumer necklaces and pendants are endowed with unprecedented ingenuity and originality. Poetry, colors and details mingle in these little jewels, essential in jewelry. Our large collection of necklaces in poetic colors is the perfect gift for a woman.

Although starting from the same chain, each of our necklaces is unique and singular. White gold and pink gold are the metals mainly used and highlighted in our collections. The pendants that accompany our jewelry and fine jewelry necklaces have precious stones that give these outstanding pieces their charm. Diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies and other stones come together to tell a different story on each of the models.

The House has several models of necklaces that women will appreciate: long necklaces are essential in a woman's jewelry collection. These necklaces have the particularity of being long and may or may not have pendants. These long necklaces arrive at chest level or sometimes even below and will enhance your appearance.

Jewelry is an art that allows you to transcribe your desires, emotions, and feelings into a unique and essential piece of jewelry. Appreciate the many facets of jewelry by embarking on the experience of creating the necklace of your dreams thanks to the tailor-made that Maison Bäumer would be delighted to make you experience. Bespoke jewelry is the product of your imagination and the story you want to tell. Lorenz Bäumer accompanies you in the development of the necklace of your dreams. We will adapt your creation according to the price you wish to put in the manufacture of the latter: white gold, pink gold or other metal will be offered to you but also pearls, diamonds and other precious stones of the weight and number of carats that you wish. At the heart of the manufacturing process, you will realize how important the realization of a custom-made necklace is, the perfect gift to offer to the woman in your life.

Tell a special story in a pendant and a jewel that represents you and that will not be found anywhere else...

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How to choose a necklace

There are different types of jewelry necklaces. To choose the necklace that suits you, trust your desires and desires but also your imagination. Turn to the materials that you prefer (white gold or pink gold) but also that you are used to wearing in order to accompany your outfits in the best possible way.

Jewelry very often tells a story. Indeed, jewelry is an art vector of meaning and emotions that are found in jewelry in a subtle way. These pieces, full of charm and creativity, can transcribe powerful messages. For example, our Morse Amour collection tells love messages in Morse code, a subtle way of declaring feelings.

For a necklace to show off your neck and outfit, be sure to match it with the metal of other jewelry you may be wearing: earrings, rings, or a bracelet. Indeed, it is important to find a certain consistency in your accessories that will make all the difference and immediately attract attention. In this way, rather match pearl or diamond necklaces with a sober and refined outfit. For necklaces with colored stones, you can let yourself be tempted by a sober or colorful outfit, which will bring joy and cheerfulness to your look. Indeed, ruby, sapphire, tourmaline, emeralds and other colored stone jewelry go together perfectly.

Our creator, Lorenz Bäumer, loves embarking on a new creative and revolutionary adventure in jewelry. Thus, he will be at your disposal to make the necklace or pendant of your dreams. Let your imagination run wild at 19 Place Vendôme and entrust the jewel of your dreams to our craftsmen who will know how to put their exceptional know-how at the service of your desires so that you leave our House with the necklace of your life.

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How to wear a jewelry necklace?

Generally, women like to pay attention to the match in the outfits they wear. In this way, it is necessary to match your jewelry and accessories to it. If you wear a pearl necklace, you can match them with a sober, chic and refined outfit while avoiding clothes in too imposing colors. You can even match them to earrings with pearls, a bracelet or other jewelry to also combine your accessories. White gold and rose gold match quite easily with all types of outfits. The difference will be in the weight and volume of your pendant.

To adapt your adornment to your outfit, you must pay attention to the colors of the latter so that they match perfectly well. Also, choose the right size and length of necklace: opt for thinner jewelry if you have a visible neckline and larger pieces if you have a large fabric surface. Opt for a pendant with an exposed shining diamond if the fabric is a dark color, which will highlight the center stone diamond.

When crafting the bespoke pendant, a brilliant diamond is usually the most preferred. Indeed, this diamond goes quite easily with everyday outfits and enhances your appearance with its brilliance. In this way, it is the perfect gift for a woman.

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Necklaces are the most popular jewelry for women. Produced in France in our workshops, our collections can be found in the heart of Paris, at 19 Place Vendôme to discover these jewels of different sizes and lengths, with diamonds or not, a product that looks like you...