Place Vendôme embodies the excellence of French High Jewellery, a luxury savoir-faire preserved by experts such as Lorenz Bäumer. The Maison Bäumer is a reference in this art, creating exceptional pieces with fabulous gems, colored diamonds and even meteorites. These sparkling materials inspire dreamlike jewels, straight out of dreams. Beyond traditional techniques, Lorenz Bäumer stands out for his audacity and creativity, pushing the boundaries of High Jewellery with surprising, impertinent creations and hidden mechanisms.


Light and shadow reveal themselves in this dazzling collection full of femininity.

Dazzling creations adorned with white and black diamonds, inspired by the interplay of light and shadow on trees and flowers. A creative reinterpretation of the classic black and white by Maison Bäumer.


Playing with volumes and movements, the Architecte collection bears witness to Lorenz Bäumer's training as an engineer. These pieces, with their delicate, assertive lines, are veritable works of art, symbols of a geometric and colorful universe dear to the designer.


A rare and extraordinary material, meteorite is delicately and creatively expressed in jewellery by Maison Bäumer. A piece of star that has crossed the years and galaxies, the creations in this collection are accompanied by a powerful, timeless message of love. Gemstones combine with the graphic lines of Wittmanstaätten, revealed in the processing of the meteorite, in this collection.


Dive into the Titane collection, an ode to colorful creativity inspired by the sea. Unique jewels combining titanium and colored stones, evoking lightning, waves and diamond waves. An artistic fusion of ocean and innovation, poetically expressed by Lorenz Bäumer.


Inspired by his collaboration with Hennessy and Baccarat for the NBA's 75th anniversary, the Basket collection is the fruit of Lorenz Bäumer's inventiveness. White diamonds are set against rounded shapes, revealing a unique jewel: the basketball, a creative and sporty collection.


Dive into a tangy collection where fruits and vegetables express themselves in roundness and gourmandise. The Gourmandise collection is a veritable ode to originality and the avant-garde, with feminine, colorful pieces that will seduce lovers of novelty.


Lorenz Bäumer offers a light, delicate interpretation of nature in this new Métamorphose collection. Butterflies paved with gemstones come in colorful jewelry and surprise with their poetic details, highlighted by tanzanites, pink tourmalines, rubellites and multicolored pavings.


Immerse yourself in the bewitching world of the Black Magic collection, where textures and volumes sublimate colored stones. Inspired by artists such as Soulages and Hartung, this range reveals the electric brilliance of gems in surprising ways. Like celestial constellations, these unique creations evoke rare treasures, where black gold, black lacquer, onyx and fine stones merge harmoniously to create original, captivating creations.