Lorenz Bäumer shares with you meetings with Artisans du Beau.
You will discover the different sources of inspiration of this passionate creator of art, and the secrets of the Parisian workshops, revealing the unique French know-how.

Episode 1: Guillaume Feau's woodwork workshop

Here is the first episode of the series "Lorenz and the Artisans of Beauty".

Today, Lorenz takes you to a Parisian woodwork workshop, that of his friend Guillaume Feau.

Welcome to Guillaume Feau's Atelier.

Episode 2: Louis de Bayser, drawing dealer

Here is the second episode of the series “Lorenz and the Artisans of Beauty”.

Today, Lorenz presents the incredible drawing workshop of his friend Louis de Bayser. A secret place in the heart of Paris, filled with drawings. Each work tells a very special story.
We invite you to join this exchange between two art and craft enthusiasts.

Welcome to the Bayser Workshop

Episode 3: Jean Delisle's lighting workshop

Today, Lorenz makes you visit the workshops of creation and manufacture of the most beautiful lights: the Maison Delisle.

Guarantor of rare know-how and a precious heritage, the Delisle family skilfully juggles between tradition and innovation, between history and creation, to illuminate the most beautiful spaces. Their showroom in the Marais in Paris is an extraordinary museum bringing together historical creations and more contemporary designs.

Welcome to Ateliers Delisle.

Episode 4: Hubert le Gall's Creative Workshop

Today, Lorenz takes you on a tour of the Atelier d'Hubert le Gall, a magical place in the heart of the 18th arrondissement of Paris.

Designer, creator, photographer, Hubert le Gall offers us an almost philosophical reflection on Art, its meaning, its objective, on the usefulness of objects and beautiful things. A meeting placed under the sign of creation and inspiration.

Welcome to Hubert le Gall.

Episode 5: Jean-François Fortchantre, photographer from Place Vendôme

Today, Lorenz Bäumer joins his friend Jean-François Fortchantre at the top of the Vendôme column to share their common passion for this iconic Parisian square.

Discover the secrets behind the most beautiful photographs of the Vendôme column and this place steeped in history. A moment out of time.

Episode 6: Louisélio's ceramic workshop

Lorenz Bäumer shares with you meetings with his craftsmen and artists friends.

In this new episode, Lorenz Bäumer takes you to the kingdom of his friend Louisélio.
Passionate about her profession as a ceramist, enter the secret universe of Louisélio and discover the splendor and elegance of her creations with their refined and unique shapes.

Episode 7: Workshop Samson

For the seventh episode of Les Artisans du Beau, Lorenz Bäumer joins his friend Christophe Nobile in his frame workshop.
Enter the universe of the Samson house and discover the secrets of its
profession as well as the splendor and elegance of his creations with the shapes
clean and unique. A unique moment in the heart of Paris.

Welcome to the Samson workshop.

Episode 8: The Workshop of Louis Boursier

For the eighth episode of Les Artisans
du Beau, Lorenz Bäumer went to the studio of his friend Louis Boursier, engraver and heraldist.
Enter the world of Louis
Fellow and discover the secrets of his job in a place of
loss in the heart of the capital. A timeless moment. Welcome to Louis Boursier's studio.

Episode 9: Bernard Pictet's studio

For the ninth episode of Les Artisans du Beau, Lorenz Bäumer visits his friend Bernard Pictet, the glass master.

Dive into the heart of forty years of work, to discover the incredible creations of this unique artist.

A moment out of time in a place of perdition...

Episode 10: François Perret, world pastry champion

For the tenth episode of Les Artisans du Beau, Lorenz Bäumer goes a stone's throw from his shop at 19 Place Vendôme, to the Ritz to meet his friend François Perret, world pastry champion.

Discover his refined and gourmet creations as well as his inspiration which make his Comptoir du Ritz, a Mecca for French pastry...

These videos were made with the help of the company Carmin Production.

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