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Chalcedony belongs to the quartz family.

Where does the word "Chalcedony" come from?

The word "chalcedony" comes from an ancient Greek city of Bithynia: Chalcedony, from the Greek "khalkedon", and today a suburb of Istanbul: Kadiköy (Turkey).

What are the colors of Chalcedony?

The color of chalcedony stricto senso varies from white to dark brown with hints of blue.

What is its symbolism?

Today, chalcedony is synonymous with pride and wealth as well as creativity and self-confidence.
In addition, it can be associated with births in the month of June.

Where does it come from?

The main deposits of chalcedony are in Brazil.

How do I care for my jewel set with a Chalcedony?

Chalcedony can be easily cleaned with steam or ultrasound.


Agate belongs to the quartz family, and more specifically, to that of microcrystalline quartz whose crystals are not visible to the naked eye...


Aquamarine is a mineral from the beryl family, just like emerald and morganite.


Amethyst, like citrine, belongs to the quartz family, and more specifically, to that of macrocrystalline quartz, that is to say that its crystals are visible to the naked eye.


Chalcedony belongs to the quartz family.


Citrine, like amethyst, belongs to the quartz family, and more specifically, to that of macrocrystalline quartz; that is, its crystals are visible to the naked eye.


Labradorite is a mineral from the feldspar family like moonstone.


Garnet designates a family of gemstones which includes several types of stones of identical crystalline structure and the best known of which are those of red color, namely pyropes, almandines and rhodolites.


By “opal”, we mean three different types of stones which have considerably different physical properties: iridescent precious opals also called noble opals which are the best known, vermilion red fire opals and common opals.


Peridot is a variety of gem also known as chrysolite or olivine.


Moonstone belongs to the feldsparth family, just like labradorite.


Quartz is a family of minerals with the same chemical composition and similar physical properties.


Spinel refers to a group of similar minerals, few of which are gem quality.


Topaz is a mineral gem that has a very wide color palette.


The word tourmaline designates a mineralogical family which groups together a series of isomorphic crystals (of the same shape).


Tsavorite belongs to the garnet family and more particularly to that of grossularis, a variety of garnet which includes gems of yellow, green or brown color.

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