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Topaz is a mineral gem that has a very wide color palette.

Where does the name "Topaz" come from?

The name "topaz" probably comes from the volcanic island Topazos (from the Greek topazion, "to seek" in reference to the perceived difficulty at the time of finding the island). The island, now called Zabargad or St. John's Island (Egypt), contained deposits of peridots. However, peridots were called topazes until the Middle Ages, hence the confusion between the name of the island and the stone.

Other sources believe, however, that the word "topaz" originates from a Sanskrit word, "tupas", meaning "fire".

What are the colors of Topaz?

Topaz can be colorless like yellow, orange-brown, light blue, pale pink to bright pink, red, purple or even pale green (the latter color is rare).
The deep orange-pink colored stones are known worldwide as "imperial topaz".

What is its symbolism?

The yellow color that was associated with topazes recalling the color of the rising sun, the stone is synonymous with rebirth in certain cultures of the world.

Today, topaz in general symbolizes wisdom, self-confidence, merit and firmness as well as the 44th wedding anniversary. But where blue topaz symbolizes births in December (like turquoise and tanzanite), imperial topaz represents births in November (like citrine and tiger's eye).

Where does it come from?

The main topaz operator is Brazil, where imperial topazes, among others, come from.

How do I care for my jewel set with a Topaz?

Topaz color may fade under too strong a light source. A mixture of dishwashing liquid and water on a cloth is enough to clean your stone.


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Topaz is a mineral gem that has a very wide color palette.


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