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Rose gold, yellow gold, white gold

yellow gold rings

Find the yellow gold rings from Maison Bäumer Vendôme. This modern and elegant color enhances the stones it presents.


yellow gold rings

yellow gold rings

Gold rings are centerpieces of Maison Bäumer's collections. In pink gold or white gold, these are available in different forms.

Yellow gold, a rarer metal color within our House, is close to rose gold. A noble metal, gold is the alloy most used in our creations, followed by platinum, especially for wedding rings. If yellow gold is the color conferred on antique jewelry, this gold is still found a lot and gives a classic and bohemian style to the one who wears it.

Discover the yellow gold rings from Maison Bäumer.

The different styles of yellow gold rings

Gold is a noble material highly appreciated by jewellers, particularly in Place Vendôme. Essential, it is the most widely used alloy, especially for engagement rings, bracelets and other types of jewelry.

Gold is an extremely soft solid metal, which allows it to take different shapes and different colors: white, pink, black or yellow. To be able to work, shape and transform it, gold is combined with other metals to make it harder and more solid.

Yellow gold is the purest gold in jewelry and can be used for any type of jewelry. Mainly used for signet rings, rings and wedding rings, yellow gold is a mixture of pure gold (75%) and other metals.

The 75% pure gold is necessary for it to retain its natural, shiny color and above all its quality. Solid gold is 24 carat gold and is not used in jewelry because it is too soft. In contrast, 18 karat gold is preferred because it is 75% gold and is mixed with 12.5% ​​copper and silver.

  • Alliances and engagement rings: these jewels represent the union and the eternal love between two people. Therefore, they have a strong symbolic value. In white gold, pink gold, yellow gold, set with diamonds or not, these rings will always have a symbolic value much greater than their monetary value. Thus, it is important that you like this ring because it represents the union of a lifetime. For example, our ruby ​​and emerald wedding rings in yellow gold perfectly combine yellow gold with precious stones, making it unusual but giving it a unique and original style.
  • Solitaires: these rings are generally offered as engagement rings. They are worn by women and are sometimes combined with a wedding band set or not with diamonds. Solitaires are adorned with a single stone, usually a diamond, but can sometimes have a more original style, especially regarding its color. Indeed, mainly in white gold or pink gold, solitaires can also be made in yellow gold and can be, like wedding rings, set with colored stones.
  • Signet rings: historically worn by men, these rings are quite large and offer a flat edge allowing initials or a particular symbol to be engraved on them. Less and less frequent, these rings are still mainly in yellow gold, a color worthy of old jewelry unlike white gold and pink gold, much more democratized today.
  • Cocktail rings: these are the most original rings because they have imposing volumes. Indeed, most often set with a precious stone and other smaller stones, these rings are generally worn during special events. Yellow gold gives a classic and bohemian style to these rings that push back the traditional codes of jewelry.

For example: the butterfly ring in yellow gold , the Vendôme ring in yellow gold and set with a citrine (3.89 carats)

Signet ring, classic ring, wedding band, engagement ring or cocktail ring, yellow gold will accompany your appearance with finesse and elegance. Your yellow gold ring can also be set with other stones to make it more original and innovative according to your desires: pearl, topaz, tanzanite, tourmaline and other stones invite themselves to the creative party to give life to models with unique materials and details.

For example: the Cardinal Tourmaline copper ring .

This yellow gold ring is set with a copper tourmaline in its heart and surrounded by green sapphires, orange sapphires and yellow sapphires which are part of the exceptional details of this jewel.

Precious stones for your yellow gold rings: diamond, sapphire, emerald…

Symbolic, the precious stones are 4 in number: the ruby, the sapphire, the emerald and the diamond. These stones, representing the quintessence of luxury and each bring, by their recognizable color, a particular style to a creation, in particular on a ring.

If the sapphire, with its deep blue, goes perfectly well with white gold, other precious stones can be imagined with yellow gold such as the diamond for an engagement ring, the ruby ​​which will perfectly accompany the yellow frame color or emerald.

For example, the ruby ​​and emerald alliances, although surprising, push back the traditional codes of jewelry. Also, our Solitaire Pense à Moi ruby, available in two colors (white and pink gold), can be set with different stones such as a peridot, an amethyst, a ruby, a sapphire, etc. Regarding yellow gold on this type of rings and solitaires, fine stones such as peridot, citrine or amethyst are to be avoided because yellow gold could suffocate the stone and not make it shine as it does. should be.

However, it is possible to continually reinvent jewelry by trying to assemble new materials and trying to combine new colors. The important thing will be in the choice of the technical elements of your stone: the size, its purity and clarity (for a diamond), its number of carats. You can set both round and square cut stones. For an even more astonishing effect, pear and princess cut stones set on a jewel are very popular in jewelry.

For example: Alliance in yellow gold and emerald of 2 carats, the alliance in yellow gold and ruby ​​of 2 carats, the ring 19 in white gold, platinum and set with a yellow diamond of 2 carats

Maison Bäumer is full of surprises and gives you the choice between different models and exceptional materials according to your desires. Whether made to measure or taken directly from one of our collections, a yellow gold ring or wedding band can be a perfect gift idea for a woman. This is the case of the faceted ring, in yellow gold and set with brilliant white diamonds and a brilliant chocolate diamond weighing 2.41 carats and of a round cut in the heart of the jewel.

More exceptional still, the Aquilegia olfactory ring which mixes different materials in an exceptional jewelry creation: a brilliant yellow diamond weighing 4 carats, cushion cut, white diamonds and yellow sapphires, this ring is a jewel full details. This type of ring combines sight with a sense that is still little used in jewelry: smell thanks to the olfactory material that allows the diffusion of perfume, an exceptional material!

For example the Facette ring and the Aquilegia ring

You can also make the creation process even more original by imagining alongside Lorenz Bâumer a new type of yellow gold ring. Indeed, create the perfect jewel for a woman, to offer as a gift or for yourself. Whether it is for a wedding band or for a ring that you will wear in everyday life, you will have the choice between various materials and stones (pearls, diamonds, sapphires, rubies etc.), size, weight and the color you want to create the jewel of your desires. This wide choice allows you an infinite range of possibilities to create the jewel of your desires. The brilliant white diamond, a stone regularly set in the heart of the ring, can be replaced by another type of stone to make it more personal and original.

How to care for your yellow gold rings

Gold, whether white, pink, black or yellow, is a noble and precious metal sought after for its incomparable brilliance, durability and quality. However, this metal can tarnish over time and requires special care and maintenance. Indeed, daily activities such as household chores, dust and other elements affect the brilliance of the gold and the sparkle of the stones by dirtying them and deteriorating the polishing. Here are our tips for taking care of your rings.

Mistakes to avoid

Before cleaning, make sure you don't make these common mistakes:

  • Never clean gold jewelry with products intended for cleaning silver because it is not the same metal.
  • Other elements are to be avoided such as perfume which contains alcohol which can damage the metal, lacquer or abrasive products such as bleach and detergents.

If your yellow gold ring is adorned with gemstones, you will need to adapt your cleaning method. Indeed, the emerald and the pearl are fragile stones that do not support hot water. Also, products that leave a greasy veil should be avoided for cleaning the diamond because they risk tarnishing it.

Be sure to clean each jewel individually and never rub them against each other at the risk of damaging the polishing of the jewel but also of damaging the precious stones.

Finally, be sure to remove your yellow gold, white gold or rose gold jewelery when doing household chores or protect it with a glove and also remove it during sports or manual and physical activities.

Some tips for the maintenance of jewelry

Warm or hot water is generally the most commonly recommended trick, especially with the addition of Marseille soap or white vinegar to find the shiny gold of your rings or diamond. In addition, choose to use a soft toothbrush or a small brush to dislodge all dust and dirt (especially in the claws of the creations that support the stones). After this cleaning step, thoroughly dry your yellow gold ring with a soft, clean cloth. You can use this technique by also replacing the Marseille soap with dishwashing liquid.

Baking soda can also be used with the use of a soft, damp cloth. Remember to rinse your yellow gold ring carefully once the baking soda has been used.

Finally, remember to use a soft cloth in general when you remove your jewelry to clean them before storing them in their box provided for this purpose. This will allow your jewelry to retain all its shine for as long as possible.

Offer a yellow gold ring: a brilliant gift idea

If you want to offer a gift to someone who is dear to you, the yellow gold ring is generally very appreciated for its vintage and classic side. You can accompany it with fine or precious stone(s) to make it even more original.

The yellow gold ring can also be accompanied by another jewel to create the perfect set. Yellow gold earrings, bracelets or necklaces will go perfectly well with your yellow gold ring and will bring finesse and elegance to your appearance.