Discover our selection of gold rings set with white diamonds, signed Bäumer Vendôme. Sophisticated, classic or modern, a gold ring set with a diamond is an essential accessory, refined and full of character. Fruit of the work of talented goldsmiths, this jewel was born from an alliance of noble metals and refined gems. In pink gold, white gold or yellow gold, gold and diamond rings are an ideal adornment for any man or woman in search of elegance and beauty. Discover the rings in gold and white or colored diamonds with Bäumer Vendôme. A collection of trendy rings adapted to all styles awaits you on our site.

Why choose a gold and diamond ring?

Gold rings have had a reputation for nobility for centuries. Indeed, the different characteristics that define a gold jewel are highly coveted. But what are the reasons for the prodigious success of gold jewelry? First of all, its availability in different colors: pink, yellow or white, the three shades offering a varied and much appreciated aesthetic aspect. Then, gold is a stainless material: its shine lasts infinitely without ever tarnishing, its shine will always be the same despite the traces of time. This is a material that never rusts. Gold is also a malleable metal: this means that it can be easily manipulated, so it can be used to make models with very complex shapes. Regarding the setting, the precious stones are those that have the most effect: sapphire, emerald, ruby ​​or diamond, these true wonders of nature sublimate the jewels. Diamonds in particular are admired by all for their preciousness, rarity, hardness and unparalleled brilliance.
Finally, a piece of jewelry made of gold also remains a good investment, since gold has remained the undisputed choice for jewelry for thousands of years, and its value tends to increase over time. The choice of a gold and diamond ring is not easy to make, especially since many jewelers sell a very varied selection. However, the Maison de haute joaillerie Bäumer Vendôme offers to guide you in this difficult choice so that you can find the ring that is intended for you.

Choose a gold engagement ring

The gold and diamond engagement ring is available in many models. Designers compete in genius to make pieces of rare beauty. Whether you like more sophisticated jewelery or more discreet ones, the Bäumer Vendôme collections are enriched with new items every month. Celebrate the precious moments of life such as an engagement, write the beginning of a common story with a solitaire or a wedding band as a symbol, a special creation such as an infinite declaration of love. Lorenz Bäumer knows how important these solitaires are. Diamantaires and workshops work hand in hand to make these rings real gems and constant messages of love. The choice of materials constituting the ring that one offers out of love to one's future wife or future husband is far from trivial. Maison Bäumer Vendôme proposes to guide you in order to find the jewel that will best suit this happy occasion that is the engagement.
Faced with the plethora of creations offered by jewelers, choosing a gold ring for men or women is not often easy. Here are some criteria not to be overlooked to find the jewel that will best meet your expectations and requirements. First of all, whether you want to buy a ring or a wedding band for yourself or are planning to give it as a gift, knowing the size of your finger is an essential step. Besides measuring the circumference of the finger with a ring sizer, you can also take another ring that is already fitted to your finger and measure its inside diameter. This data is used to determine the circumference of your next jewel in order to match it to the desired size. The use of a virtual ring sizer is also possible. You can place the ring on the circles of the ring sizer available online and choose the one offering an inside diameter corresponding to it.
Then, you will have to take into consideration the tastes of the person for whom the ring is intended. For the woman or the man in your life, or even for yourself, this ring or alliance will be a powerful and timeless symbol of love. You will have to choose the shade of gold, that is to say choose between white gold, pink gold or yellow gold. This choice may be guided by the skin tone of the person who will wear the ring. Indeed, yellow gold will go better with more tanned complexions, while white gold is more suitable for paler skin. Rose gold generally suits all skin tones. Of course, these principles serve to guide you in your choice and do not act as a universal rule. It will also be appropriate to match the color of the chosen ring to that of your necklace or your earrings.
You will then have to choose the model of ring you want, but also the stone that will set it: white or colored diamond, star sapphire, ruby, emerald... Precious stones are a safe bet in this difficult choice, and the diamond is very often chosen as the symbol of the purest love.
Finally, you can decide how many carats you want for your wedding stone, or even if you want it to be set with several stones. Ranging from 0.50 carats to 2 carats, the diamonds of our solitaires adapt to all tastes and all requests related to aesthetics and price. To mark the occasion and offer an exceptional gift to a loved one, offering a piece of jewelery requires great thought. Ultimately, these choices will have to be made according to your tastes and your available budget, and Maison Bäumer Vendôme will be happy to accompany you in this wonderfully romantic process of choosing your engagement ring.
Solitaire Ribbon small
Solitaire Commitment 2 wires

 Choose a ring for special occasions

For special occasions, such as an exceptional gift, or even a solemn event, Maison Bäumer Vendôme recommends that you choose our exceptional rings. Elegant and refined, these will constitute a gift of great value, which will delight with its splendor and make a lasting impression. For a ring to offer, pay attention to the jewelry that the person is already wearing and the price you want to invest in this gift. Does she prefer a rather large ring or likes finesse, what shape of ring does she like and what is her style: classic, modern or original? Adapting to the tastes of the person who will wear the ring is essential for the gift to please. To be offered on any occasion, gold rings for women are gifts with strong symbolic value, why not accompanied by a pair of earrings. Ideal for birthdays or end-of-year celebrations, this present is also perfect for important moments in life such as baptism. Real objects of desire among lovers of luxury and refined finery, gold rings are appreciated for their preciousness, their natural beauty and their unalterable character. Sapphire, emerald, ruby ​​or diamond, precious stones are the guarantee of an appreciated and quality gift.

Choose a ring to wear every day

The process of choosing rings that we wear every day is different from that of engagement rings or those reserved for special occasions. Worn daily, these models of rings are more subject to wear or rust, and are damaged more easily due to their great use. Thus, great attention must be paid to the materials used for the design of the ring. The advantage of turning to gold is that this metal is stainless, resistant, and does not rust. In addition, like all precious stones such as ruby, sapphire or emerald, diamond is by definition an extremely resistant stone that is not easily damaged. A gold and diamond ring will therefore be the best choice to accompany you on a daily basis, a safe and timeless choice. It is also recommended to choose classic rather than extravagant jewelry for jewelry that you plan to wear daily, so that it can go with a majority of outfits and occasions, and remain your favorite accessory for many years. many years. In addition, it is fashionable to match your ring with your other jewelry, such as your necklaces and earrings, so that the ensemble worn is elegant.
Battement de Cœur ring in white gold paved with diamonds

Our collection of gold and diamond rings

At Bäumer Vendôme, gold rings set with white or colored diamonds are numerous and yet unique. Among our selection of models offered, you can choose a ring in white gold, yellow gold or pink gold. Similarly, you can choose a classic colorless diamond or a colored diamond. The possibilities are endless, and the exceptional creations of Lorenz Bäumer will seduce you and mark the spirits.

Our white gold and diamond rings

Singular and feminine, these jewels are found in different forms in the various collections of the house and are the fruit of meticulous work and excellence. Each collection of the House, imagined by Lorenz Bäumer, is original, unique, singular and full of fantasy. However, we offer a wide choice of white gold rings. Indeed, the different styles are very important to our creator who wishes to offer a jewel to each personality. Maison Bäumer's white gold rings will embrace your fingers with finesse and delicacy and will enhance your appearance right down to your fingertips. Regarding the alloy of white gold, each goldsmith has his own method because its composition is not fixed. An 18 carat white gold jewel thus consists of approximately 75% fine gold mixed with 25% other metals such as palladium, nickel, zinc and silver. At Bäumer Vendôme, white gold is worked and declined in a multitude of creations, ranging from the most classic to the most surprisingly extravagant.
All elegant, these jewels are to be worn without moderation, for a look of assumed femininity. For the arrangement of the stones, you can choose between various settings, different volumes and models which, for sure, will delight your loved one. From then on, you can choose between different models of wedding rings, engagement rings and solitaires in white gold, with or without paving of white diamonds, or even more original, with colored stones. Let speak the power of jewelry, stones and jewelry to convey unique and singular emotions. To bring more uniqueness to your white gold ring, have it set with a tattooed diamond with the motif you want. The tattooed diamond is a jeweler's feat introduced for the first time by Lorenz Bäumer and which makes it possible to deliver precious and unique messages of love, engraved for life in the diamond which will embrace the finger of the person who is destined for you...
Cœur Enlace ring in white gold paved with diamonds
Solitaire Spring
Tattooed Diamond Heart Solitaire

Our yellow gold and diamond rings

To designate the work of this noble metal that is gold, we speak of goldsmithing. If pure gold has a yellow tint, there are different colors of gold. Pure gold, called massive, has a fairly soft consistency. To form a rigid material that can be worked, it is necessary to make what is called a gold alloy. It is an association between solid gold and several metals. Thus, yellow gold contains at least 75% solid gold, 12.5% ​​silver and 12.5% ​​copper. These proportions are ideal to make the alloy strong enough while only altering the properties of the gold, its color, its quality and its luster to a minimum. At Bäumer Vendôme, we use yellow gold in modern and feminine rings, such as the Vendôme ring set with a citrine and paved with diamonds, or the Cocktail Facette ring with its surprisingly brown chocolate diamond. Discover our offer of yellow gold and diamond rings.
Vendome ring
Chocolate Diamond Facet Cocktail Ring

Our rose gold and diamond rings

Like red gold, rose gold is an alloy obtained with a mixture of precious metals, namely gold, copper and silver. The pink shade is obtained by varying the balance between the components of the alloy. Generally, the alloy for 18k rose gold might look like 75% gold, 21% copper, and 4% silver. Once the silver content begins to approach 5% or more, the gold begins to look very pink. Maison Bäumer Vendôme works a lot with pink gold, both for rings and for earrings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches. With regard to pink gold rings set with diamonds, our available selection is varied and made up of jewels competing in elegance. Discover our offer of pink gold and diamond rings.
Solitaire Pense à Moi in pink gold paved with diamonds
Emotion writing ring
Ellipse Solitaire

Gold and diamond ring: the most requested models

Among our most requested models are the Pense à Moi and Battement de Cœur rings paved with diamonds, in both pink and white gold. Also included are the Engagement #3 solitaire in white gold, featuring three threads of white gold and diamonds that intersect around a white diamond as the center stone, and the Aqua Vague solitaire in pink gold set with a white diamond. and paved with white diamonds. These models of rings, rings and solitaires are particularly appreciated by our customers, because they are easy to wear and are truly timeless pieces that will appeal to those around you.
Pense à Moi ring in white gold paved with white diamonds
Battement de Cœur ring in pink gold paved with white diamonds
Solitaire Engagement #3 in white gold set with a white diamond and paved with white diamonds
Aqua Vague solitaire ring in pink gold set with a white diamond and paved with white diamonds

How to maintain your gold and diamond ring?

Caring for your favorite gold ring presents no particular difficulty. Cleaning can be done very well with soap and water. You can also opt for a cleaning product specially designed for this purpose. Whatever the brand, size and model of your ring, no chemicals should be used as this may alter its shine. If it is encrusted with oval stone or another shape and these become tarnished, entrust its cleaning to a specialist in the world of jewelry. After cleaning, the gold and diamond ring should regain its initial brilliance. To ensure that the jewel is again in perfect condition after a quality maintenance, you can place it on the table inside a case and appreciate it as if it were still on its display.
To clean your gold rings, you can also go directly to a professional so as not to harm their shine. Specialists use products capable of thoroughly cleaning your jewelry and the stones that set it, preserving but also perfecting their shine and finally, can sometimes re-polish your jewelry. If your jewel is encrusted with diamonds of any shape, and these tarnish, we strongly advise you to entrust its cleaning to a specialist in the world of jewellery.
Regarding the diamond, this precious stone is the hardest material that can be found on earth. Indeed, with an index of 10 on the Mohs scale, the diamond cannot be scratched, except by another diamond. However, diamonds require special and meticulous maintenance so that they retain their brilliance as on the first day. Indeed, if the diamond is the hardest material, it is also extremely fragile. Common cosmetics and maintenance products, such as lotion, makeup, or cleaning products, contain chemicals that can damage your jewelry in the long run. Thus, it is advisable to maintain and clean your jewels as well as your stones like the diam regularly so that they do not lose their shine. For this, Maison Bäumer gives you maintenance advice. For example, when you do housework, DIY or another activity that could damage your diamond, consider removing your ring. Chlorine and fats are also to be avoided because they could tarnish your stone. In other words, avoid shocks to your diamond at all costs, which could damage it, weaken it or deteriorate it. So, when you store your gold jewelry set with diamonds, avoid storing it with other diamond jewelry so that the latter do not clash. Also, protect your metal from any knocks or scratches.


















































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