The jewels transcribe are carriers of messages and strong emotions

What are the meanings of ring settings?

Necklaces, rings, engagement rings, watches, bracelets,
wedding bands for men or women, in pink gold or white gold, La Maison Bäumer
offers a large selection of models and frames, each has in the layout and
the number of diamonds a very special meaning: an overview.

Solitaire diamond settings

Because it is the gemstone par excellence often set
on engagement rings, bracelets, necklaces and sometimes even
alliances, the diamond goes perfectly with a white gold setting, in
pink gold or in platinum, for men as for women and brings elegance and
finesse to your appearance.

The unique diamond on the ring symbolizes the uniqueness of a love. Her
central position on the ring allows it to capture a maximum of light. A
4-claw mount allows the diamond to be seen slightly better; a
6-claw mount provides added security.

Solitaire diamond settings

The unique diamond on the ring symbolizes the uniqueness of a love. Its central position on the ring allows it to capture a maximum of light. A setting with 4 claws allows the diamond to be seen slightly better; a 6-claw mount provides added security.

Shouldered diamond solitaires

It is the arrangement of three diamonds: a large center diamond surrounded on each side by a diamond of the same shape, or of a different shape. This setting gives foundation to the jewel, contributes to its luminosity and symbolizes the solidity of a commitment.

Frames with rows of diamonds

This type of ring creates an effect of extreme shine. The rows of diamonds concealing the setting seem to elevate the center diamond to make it a source of light.

Trilogy rings

The ring is made up of three identical diamonds, each symbolizing a time: the past, the present, the future. It is the memory of moments lived together; a ring that seals and recalls feelings. This theme was developed on the occasion of the passage to the third millennium.

You and me

The proximity of two stones of the same shape and size to symbolize balance, fairness. Image of the inseparable couple, the You and Me remains a great classic.

Our tips for caring for your frames
of rings


Within our House in
Paris, gold is the alloy mainly used for our models of rings,
earrings, wedding bands and other jewelry for women or men. In white gold, pink gold or
platinum, rings are definitely the jewel with the symbolic meaning
the most important jewelry. Indeed, engagement rings are the
symbol of a deep and eternal love, just like wedding rings, with the shape
round of the ring synonymous with infinite love. White gold, rose gold or yellow gold, this metal can sometimes
tarnish over time due to the vagaries of everyday life. It is therefore important to properly maintain your
rings so that they retain their quality, shine and

Regarding rhodium-plated white gold
black, pay particular attention to the frame because the vintage style of
these jewels are obtained by a process which makes it possible to blacken white gold:
so be careful not to remove the black rhodium plating.

If you do not
do not want to hire a jeweler or other professional
jewellery, know that your house is certainly full of products to
daily use which can clean your rings and other jewelry. The maintenance of
your favorite gold ring does not present any particular difficulty. In
however, it requires meticulous care. Adorn yourself with a cloth to rub
delicately your bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, precious stones and other metals.

First of all, keep in mind that daily cleaning is
outlaw! Indeed, this would risk altering the
quality of your jewelry because gold is a
alloy that does not require daily cleaning.

cleaning your white gold or rose gold ring can be done very well with
soap and water. In principle, it suffices to dip the jewel in a
solution, gently scrub it with a soft-bristled brush to remove
dirt, rinse with water and let it dry inside
cotton or clean cloth. For the basic solution you can choose
between a mixture of water and Marseille soap, water and bicarbonate of
soda, or hot water and white vinegar.

Like him
is often the case with engagement rings, if your gold ring is
set with gemstones, use a solution of warm water and
Marseille soap or dishwashing liquid. Other products may
alter the quality of the gem. It is important to have special attention to your engagement ring
because it is certainly the jewel with the most symbolic meaning
important part of your collection. Moreover, since you wear
usually this ring daily until the end of your life, you need to pay attention
particular to the color of the metal but also to the quality of the stones in order
not to alter the quality of the setting but also of the stones
precious stones (sapphire, emerald, ruby ​​or diamond). It is the same with
your wedding ring. Rubies, sapphires and emeralds are stones that
require more meticulous care as they can easily scratch and
lose their luster and color. For this, never use
chemicals or toothbrushes that could scratch and alter the
quality of your stones. Also, do not use toothpaste on the stones or
metals of your jewelry.

For some
satisfactory results, you can also use a toothbrush with
lemon juice and gently rub your ring to make it shine and
give it new life. You can also just
soak, rinse it by gently rubbing it in water with a few
lemon zest.

For a white gold ring, an attention
special is recommended. Indeed,
the brilliance of
jewel comes from the thin layer of rhodium placed on the ring. With time,
this thin layer of rhodium wears off and makes the shine of your jewel much more
dull. Regardless of the brand, type, size and model of your
ring, take care not to use any chemicals as they may
to alter its shine.

If you
wish to pay greater and specific attention to your jewelery
(including marriage which represents your eternal love), make the choice of
going directly to a jewelry professional will give you your
ring clean and cleaned, like the first day.

Solitaire Think of Me Ruby (1.54 carats).

Solitaire Enlacé Sapphire paved with white diamonds (0.61 carats).

Solitaire You Green Me Emerald

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