Black gold earrings set with two pear-shaped pink tourmalines of 7.5 cts each and paved with pink spinels, diamonds and purple and pink sapphires.
White gold: 20.11 g White diamonds: 0.35ct Brown diamonds: 0.97ct Spinels: 1.18 ct Sapphire: 0.39ct Pink sapphire: 0.27 ct Purple sapphire: 2.96 ct Pink tourmalines: 15ct
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43.500 €
Metal color

The Chrysalis Velvet earrings

Describing the sumptuous movement of nature, the Chrysalide earrings reveal all the lightness and femininity of butterflies. Paved with sapphires, spinels and diamonds, the black gold branches of these earrings highlight two magnificent pink tourmalines. Demonstrating the creativity of Maison Bäumer, these elegant earrings are to be worn in all seasons.

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