White gold brooch, set with a gray spinel, a green tourmaline, and paved with multicolored stones.
White gold: 48.39g Paving white diamonds: 1.34 ct Emerald pavé: 1.796 ct Tsavorite pavement: 3.318 ct Paving blue sapphires: 2.595 ct Paving green sapphires: 2.056 ct Paving spinels: 1.928 ct Tanzanite Paving: 1,050 ct Chrysoprase paving: 4,350 cts Green tourmaline: 3.84 ct Lavender spinel: 6.21 ct Blue-green tourmaline: 1.07 ct Heated green tourmaline: 1.52 ct Mint green tourmaline: 1.26 ct
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Metal color

The Métamorphose Brooch

Topped with a gray spinel and a deep-coloured green tourmaline, the Métamorphose brooch affirms its poetic and innovative design. Paved with dazzling multicolored stones, the butterflies come to life on the white and black gold branches of this unique and exceptional jewelry creation.

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