Setting in yellow gold, silver, red sapphires, yellow sapphires, blue sapphires, green jasper, brown jasper, silvolite, lapis lazuli and white diamonds.
Lapis Lazuli 521.65 cts Silvolite 173 cts Brown Jasper 188.55 cts green jasper 9200 cts White diamonds 0.11 ct Blue sapphires 0.32 ct 0.18 ct yellow sapphires Red sapphires 0.37 ct Yellow gold 7.09g Silver 351.01g
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The Musketeer frame

Who hasn't dreamed as a child of being a fairy, a princess, a firefighter or a footballer? Sculpted in exceptional metals and stones, the frames of Maison Bäumer will surprise with their originality, highlighting the know-how of Bäumer craftsmen.