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Bäumer Vendôme, a High Jewellery Maison

Place Vendôme is the symbol of French High Jewellery. High jewellery is a luxury know-how, maintained by rare expert jewelers such as Lorenz Bäumer. If fine jewelry is the art of creating exceptional pieces with fabulous gems, Maison Bäumer is certainly a reference in this art. Within the 19 place Vendôme excels a creator who knows perfectly precious stones, colored diamonds in the thousand and one colors of the rainbow, and even meteorites. All these materials, each more dazzling than the other, inspire Lorenz Bäumer to create jewellery coming straight out of dreams.

Moreover, Maison Bäumer Vendôme's high jewellery creations are not limited to the perfect mastery of traditional know-how. Indeed, the jeweler Lorenz Bäumer wants to affirm a certain audacity, a taste even an obsession to always push the limits of fine jewellery. He creates breathtaking, unexpected, impertinent pieces. Hidden mechanisms, reverse setting, celestial materials, Lorenz Bäumer puts his engineering qualities and his limitless creativity at the service of Beauty, to continually surprise and make his customers dream.

High Jewellery rings

High jewellery rings are Lorenz Bäumer's favorite designs. Indeed, he finds a certain satisfaction in adorning the hands of his clients with the most beautiful stones, so that they can enjoy them as much as they wish. At a glance, you can see all the creative genius and the unique universe of Bäumer Vendôme.

Among the most spectacular fine jewellery creations are the olfactory rings. Lorenz Bäumer dreamed of being able to combine fine jewellery and perfumery, and after months of research, he developed a titanium material, olfactory titanium, which allows a scent to be diffused over time. The Aquilegia olfactory ring is an elegant and luminous flower set with a sumptuous daffodil diamond. The olfactory titanium is located under the stone and allows the fragrance placed on it to be delicately diffused. What a technical feat it is to develop the sense of smell in high jewellery.

High Jewellery bracelets

The high jewellery bracelet is a great field of expression for the jeweler. The space allocated to the stones on a bracelet is unparalleled and allows exceptional creative ideas.

Among the high jewellery bracelets, there is one that catches all attention. It is the Treasure Island bracelet. It was inspired by Lorenz Bäumer's favorite book, Treasure Island by Stevenson. This bracelet plunges us into a whimsical and dreamlike universe. It conceals a treasure map guiding us to the hiding place in this bracelet. With the help of a small button made of green tourmaline, a trapdoor opens and lets us discover the most beautiful of treasures: Love, symbolized by an aquamarine heart pendant. This piece of fine jewelry synthesizes the creativity, ingenuity and technical mastery of the Maison.

High Jewellery earrings

To complete the ideal set, a pair of Bäumer Vendôme high jewellery earrings is essential. The jeweler highlights faces with the brilliance of rare and precious stones. He plays on shadows and lights, on touches of color, marries the curls of the hair to create the perfect piece. Giving confidence and power to her clients through her jewellery creations is one of her main motivations.

The Black Magic Aurora earrings are an absolutely dazzling high jewelry creation. Delicately drawing colored curves, these earrings inspired by the aurora borealis surprise with their shimmering colors combined with onyx. Two pear-shaped aquamarines radiate from the center of these threads of pink and purple sapphires, which write a discreet message of love: “Love Euphoria”. The detachable pendant of this creation makes it easy to wear on a daily basis. These high jewellery earrings sparkle with a thousand lights in the dark and bring radiance and sparkle to the face. A creation that reveals magic and enchantment.

High Jewellery brooches

Brooches from Maison Bäumer Vendôme are unique creations and the jeweler likes to decline these increasingly rare pieces by giving them a second suppleness, by modernizing their representation. This gives brooches with a thousand and one colors of the rainbow, set with rare gems, putting all its know-how at the service of fine jewelry.

The Scarabée d'Eté brooch is a unique piece of the most complex fine jewelry, which required several hundred hours of work. This high jewellery brooch is made up of 543 stones and hides a mechanical secret under its wings. An olfactory material diffuses the perfume that is placed on it. This jewelry feat reveals a fire opal and a yellow beryl in bright colors, associated with the bluish colors of lacquer and colored stones. An innovative and surprising creation, by Lorenz Bäumer.

A unique know-how...

Fine jewellery

Fine jewellery : a unique know-how

Place Vendôme, the leading destination of French jewellery and high jewellery, is a symbol of excellence that brings together the most prestigious luxury brands. High jewellery is a luxury savoir-faire, nurtured by rare expert jewellers such as Lorenz Bäumer.

What is high jewellery ?

High jewellery is an art that aims to create the most beautiful things in order to obtain exceptional pieces of incomparable beauty. Its essence lies in the search for aesthetic perfection. Indeed, these elegant and unique jewels are often set with the finest materials that can be found in jewellery: precious stones, precious metals and other fancy elements come together in an exceptional jewellery creation.

Behind each creation hides a know-how of excellence, from the design to the realization of the jewel. Indeed, Lorenz Bäumer, the only independent jeweler of Place Vendôme, is a true artist who spends hours, weeks, even months shaping a piece of fine jewellery.

In fine jewellery, each jewel is unique, adding an exceptional rarity to each piece. Therefore, the value of the jewel is naturally higher. But, fine jewellery does not necessarily designate the most expensive. Fine jewellery is a quest for excellence using the most beautiful and noble materials to create jewellery of exceptional quality.

Bracelets, necklaces, watches, necklaces, earrings, rings and other jewellery creations can be found in our high jewellery collections, exceptional creations to offer as gifts or for yourself.

What is the difference between jewellery and fine jewellery ?

The jeweler offers jewellery made of different metals, whether precious or not. In jewellery, the designer works exclusively with precious stones and noble materials. This is also the case in high jewelry, but in this universe, the jeweler is only interested in what is most beautiful and rare in order to give life to unique pieces.

For example, in fine jewellery, sapphires, rubies, diamonds and emeralds are the stones mainly used to set the lines of jewellery, especially when they have a specific size or a high number of carats. True gifts of nature, precious stones are the most coveted materials.

The diamond is the most appreciated stone and used in high jewellery collections but also in the world of fashion. Indeed, with an haute-couture outfit, jewels such as bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings in pink or white gold, set with diamonds, highlight the clothes by giving them shine and sparkle.

Definition of this exceptional know-how

Maison Bäumer attaches great importance to its values ​​of excellence, authenticity and beauty. We maintain exceptional know-how by working only with specialized workshops such as jewelers, diamond cutters, lapidaries, setters and polishers, each bringing their unique expertise. This ensures that Bäumer jewellery reaches a level of perfection, turning the dream into reality.

Because your love is priceless, you can also have your wedding ring custom-made, at the heart of traditional French know-how. Indeed, in addition to our collection of wedding rings, you can decide the lines of your jewel.

Fine jewellery : a French tradition resulting from unique know-how

Place Vendôme is the international cradle of fine jewellery. This exceptional craftsmanship, using only noble materials, dates back to the 16th century. At that time, the beginnings of trade between Asia and India resulted in the creation of jewellery set with precious stones on jewellery for royalty and the elite of society.

Therefore, in this context, French jewelers have developed their know-how over the centuries. This know-how has spanned the ages and is now one of the greatest riches of French luxury.

Our fine jewellery collections are aimed at both women and men. Indeed, we offer a wide choice of bracelets, watches, earrings, necklaces, rings and other jewellery mainly available in pink or white gold. You will also have the opportunity to make the jewel of your dreams by embarking on the adventure of tailor-made alongside Lorenz Bäumer. Made-to-measure immerses you in the heart of French know-how during which your ideas are the guiding principles of creation. Sapphires, diamonds, rubies of the number of carats and the size you want, will be made available to you to design the creation of your desire whether it is for a wedding or any other occasion, and respecting the price that you can grant to this bespoke piece of jewellery.

The quality criteria of fine jewellery

The quality criterion is the most important criterion in high jewellery. Indeed, artisan jewelers only wish to use what is most beautiful and of the highest quality for their creations.
Therefore, the most beautiful precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds, sapphires or rubies are privileged.

Also, precious metals such as 18k gold or platinum are also used. Lorenz Bäumer even likes to shake up the traditional codes of jewellery by offering unique creations. He explores new noble materials still rarely used in jewellery such as meteorite , titanium, olfactory matter and even tattooed diamonds.

The quality of the materials

As mentioned earlier, quality is an extremely important essential element in the creation of a piece of fine jewellery.

Precious metals with care for their quality and durability

 Gold, is a precious metal, also called noble metal, is widely used in jewellery. It offers a varied color palette. Gold should not be confused or equated with platinum, another more robust precious metal. These two metals are very qualitative.

Gold is an extremely malleable metal, which is why it is necessary to mix it with other stronger materials in order to create jewellery that is rigid enough to be worn. This is how the notion of “carat” for gold comes into play.

Gold comes in different colors: white, pink, black or yellow. This alloy is worked in the workshop in order to offer exceptional and quality jewellery.


Precious stones chosen for their brilliance and purity

 True gifts of nature, the precious stones (diamond, emerald, ruby ​​or sapphire) chosen for the jewels in our collections are of exceptional quality in order to bring out the power and beauty of the stone as much as possible. Therefore, the brilliance and purity of the gems are exceptional.

Indeed, we take care to choose the most beautiful stones for our necklaces, bracelets , rings, watches and other jewellery. For example, on our Shipstern Bluff Ring, the Ceylon sapphire set in the center of the ring is 22 carats in size, accompanied by a pavé of white diamonds. This exceptional piece, priced at 71,500 euros, is a true piece of fine jewellery to be found in our “Aqua” collection.

Know-how and creativity

If fine jewellery is the art of creating exceptional pieces with fabulous gemstones, Maison Bäumer is undoubtedly a reference in this art. Within the 19 place Vendôme excels a creator who knows perfectly precious stones, colored diamonds, and even meteorites. All these materials, each more dazzling than the next, inspire Lorenz Bäumer to create jewellery straight out of dreams. Lorenz Bäumer's unlimited talent and creativity allow him to create exceptional, original and unique pieces that are unlike any other.

Moreover, the fine jewellery of Maison Bäumer Vendôme is not limited to the perfect mastery of traditional know-how. Indeed, our jeweler wants to affirm a certain audacity, a taste or even an obsession to always push the limits of fine jewellery. He creates breathtaking, unexpected, impertinent pieces. Hidden mechanisms, reverse setting, celestial materials, Lorenz Bäumer puts his engineering qualities and his limitless creativity at the service of Beauty, to continually surprise and make his customers dream.

Taking pleasure in shaking up the traditional codes of jewellery, Lorenz Bäumer offers you ever more spectacular and original shapes and creations. His imagination is overflowing, bringing a great wealth of styles and designs, which he will not hesitate to present to you to create especially for you, the high jewellery piece of your dreams.