Articulated brooch in white gold, aluminum and lacquer set with an orange fire opal, a yellow beryl, a blue tourmaline and paved with white diamonds, paraiba tourmalines and blue, orange and yellow sapphires.
White gold 58.74 Orange fire opal 3.65cts 1.23ct Yellow Beryl Blue tourmaline 0.73ct White diamonds 1.18 cts Blue sapphires 1.47 cts Paraiba tourmalines 1.02 ct Orange sapphires 0.98 ct 0.88 ct yellow sapphires
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Articulated brooch in pink gold, aluminum and lacquer set with a citrine, a yellow diamond and paved with chocolate diamonds, white diamonds and pink and orange sapphires.
White gold 65.77g PRC Yellow Diamond 2.05cts Citrine 9.31cts White diamonds 2.60 cts Chocolate diamonds 3.84 cts Pink sapphire 0.24 ct Orange sapphires 0.04 ct Lacquer Aluminum (olfactory material) 0.08g Total weight of 70g
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192.500 €
Metal color

The Scarabé Brooch

The Scarabée d'Automne brooch is a jeweler's feat. Its shimmering colors reminiscent of leaves are enhanced by a superb citrine and a dazzling yellow diamond. Its wings open to reveal an olfactory substance created to restore the scent of the perfume of your choice. A unique, rare and exceptional piece.

The Scarabée d'Eté brooch, made up of 543 stones, contains a mechanical secret under its wings as well as an olfactory material that diffuses the perfume that is placed on it. This jewelry feat reveals fire opal and yellow beryl in bright colors, associated with the bluish colors of lacquer and colored stones. An innovative and surprising creation...

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