Beetle Brooch

The Scarabée d'Automne brooch is a jeweler's feat. Its shimmering colors reminiscent of leaves are enhanced by a superb citrine and a dazzling yellow diamond.

Its wings open to reveal an olfactory substance created to restore the scent of the perfume of your choice. A unique, rare and exceptional piece.


The Extravagant Spider brooch is an exceptional unique piece.

The sublime 38-carat natural Abalone pearl is surrounded by amethysts and purple sapphires, paraiba tourmalines and white diamonds. Its design enhanced by the subtlety of black rhodium gold makes it an incredible piece of beauty and technique.


Lorenz Bäumer offers a light and delicate interpretation of nature in this new Metamorphosis collection. Butterflies with colored wings appear in the leaves and alight on branches of gold and precious stones.