Rose gold bracelet set with colored stones.
Pink tourmaline 10.44 cts Pink tourmaline 9.02 cts Pink tourmaline 6.29 cts Copper tourmaline 16.51 cts Copper tourmaline 14.47 cts Pink spinel 1.99 cts Red spinel 1.40 cts 8.12 ct white diamonds Rose gold 122.52g
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148.500 €

The Mikado Bracelet

An exceptional piece from Maison Bäumer's High Jewelry collections, the Mikado bracelet and its multiple colored stones is a refined creation. Pink and copper tourmalines, red and pink spinels are interspersed between pink gold threads paved with diamonds. Emptiness creates fullness and forms a delicate volume for a unique and rare feminine creation, symbol of Lorenz Bäumer's engineering training.

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