Long necklace in white gold paved with amethysts, citrines, aquamarines, pearls, iolites and sapphires
White gold 40.25g Tahitian pearls 81.45 cts Aquamarines 60.44 cts Chalcedonies 52.61 cts White citrines 55.05 cts Amethysts 33.33 cts Purple sapphires 1.72 cts Blue sapphires 2.01 cts Green sapphires 5.10 cts Green tourmalines 0.46 ct Iolites 1.66 cts Aquamarines 1.88 cts Amethysts 1.93 cts
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The Aqua Lagoon long necklace

The Aqua Perles Lagoon long necklace highlights Tahitian pearls and pays tribute to Lorenz Bäumer's passion for the ocean.

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